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Everybody Was Drunk At The Golden Globes Just Like We All Were At Home

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Are you an entertainment blogger? Did you have to spend the wee hours furiously rewriting your article about how much it sucked that 12 Years A Slave got shut out until it pulled off its lone award — Best Movie, Drama — at the end? We did not, because we were drinking too much wine to actually start writing during the awards. Small blessings.


Besides the Best Drama win, 12 Years A Slave was shut out, which everyone agrees is some bullshit, while American Hustle stumbled off with three awards — best actress for Amy Adams, best supporting for Jennifer Lawrence, and Best Movie, Musical or Comedy. Now, I loved American Hustle. LOVED. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was a beautiful hot mess. I even liked Amy Adams, who I usually loathe. But that picture and those people are not really the best of anything. If this year’s Globes is the Oscar predictor it is touted to be, there will be celebrities rioting in the streets if Hustle takes it all. Full list of award winners here if you’re into that sort of thing.

What else do you need to know? You already know that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great, thanks to the simple fact that they are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Best jokes of the night:

Jabs at George Clooney:


….and Leonardo DiCaprio:

…and a kinda actually sorta disturbingly attractive in a butchy way Amy Poehler in drag as Tina Fey’s sullen teenage son.

Weirdest moments of the night

Jacqueline Bisset’s acceptance speech for best supporting actress in a series, miniseries, or television film for Dancing on the Edge.


The good folks at Defamer took the time to transcribe this:

(Sigh) God. (Lip smack.) (Laugh.) Um, I think it was 47 years ago that the Hollywood Foreign Press gave me, promising, a nomination for the Holl-uh, Promising Newcomer!!! (Sigh) Thank you very much, Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m absolutely shaken. I can’t believe this. God knows you’ve nominated me about five times I think, anyway. (Sigh) (Lip smack) (Lip smack) (Sigh) OK! Scottish background to the front! OK! Um, I always wanted to do something for the BBC. And we did this. And this was great. Chiwetel, where are you? Can I see Chiwetel? I need him for inspiration. Where is he? OK. We had a good cast, didn’t we? It was great. Starz thank you for putting this on and, uh, (lip smack) thank you to my British agent, Steve Kenis, and my American agent, Harry Abrams. (Music begins) I…I’m sorry, I’m gonna get this together! I want to thank the people who’ve given me joy and there have been many! The people who’ve given me shit, I say, like my mother, what did she say? She used to say, “Go to hell and don’t come back.” However, however, however, my mother was not entirely me. I (laughs) believe if you wanna look good, you’ve got to forgive everybody. You have to forgive everybody. It’s the best beauty treatment. Forgiveness for yourself and for the others. (Blows a kiss) I love my friends, I love my family, and you’re so kind! Thank you so much! (Giggles) Thank you!

You could probably make that speech in about 30 seconds, but it took Bisset triple that, because she was clearly in a different space-time continuum than the rest of us inhabit. Bisset’s stay on the planet of Xanax has likely been both long and copious.


Diane Keaton’s speech on behalf of her pal Woody Allen (he received the Cecil B. DeMille award, but Allen has always been too cool for school when it comes to awards shows) started out just fine. She looked GREAT.


The beginning of the speech was the usual blah blah blah Woody Allen bestest ever changed my life, but then it went into a full-on bleeped-out cursefest and finished with her singing a Girl Scouts song.

Everyone watching at home was either seething at Keaton for standing up for Allen, because fuck that guy, or wrestling with the thorny question of how you like someone’s art when they are actually a terrible human being. But at least none of you are Ronan Farrow, who had to deal with the fact that he was sitting there listening to someone sing the praises of his maybe-father while knowing exactly how awful he is. Good on Farrow for calling that shit out in public:


Farrow also retweeted the Vanity Fair article that discussed the sexual assault allegations in full.

Fashioniest moments

Amy Adams’s Super Seventies Sideboob and Frontboob

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Zooey Deschanel, Cake Topper

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Jennifer Lawrence in Toilet Paper Or Tulle, Take Your Pick

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Usher In Regis Philbin’s Wardrobe From 15 Years Ago

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Hayden Panettiere With Inexplicably Greasy Swept Back Hair

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

It wasn’t all terrible greasy looks, though. For example:

Cate Blanchett, Looking More Fabulous Than You Ever Will

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Julianna Margulies’s Dress Has Pockets For No Good Reason But Still Looks Great

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Julia Roberts In A Dolce And Gabbana Dress That Shouldn’t Work But Does

the.71th.annual.golden.globe.awards.arrival.special.2014.720p.hdtv.x264-2hd.mkv -

Best moment of anything until the end of time, now and forever amen

Emma Thompson, who brought a martini up on stage with her and threw her shoes away:

Emma Thompson for Best Human 2013, 2014, Life.

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