Even the San Francisco Sportsball Team Is Down With SF Batkid

Even the San Francisco Sportsball Team Is Down With SF Batkid

…And we’re back, with all Batkid, all the time. First things first. The San Francisco Chronicle – the good folks that did a special Batkid edition for today – has a great liveblog with even greater pictures so make sure to check them out. Batkid is done with lunch and is heading to AT&T Park because the Penguin has kidnapped the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, Lou, which is a seal? We think it is a seal.


Batkid and pretty much the entire city of San Francisco by this point will be heading over to AT&T Park shortly and Major League Baseball/SF Giants have their own livestream. (In case you’ve only just discovered the Internet, news helicopter livestream is here.)

Here’s the kidnapped mascot and the literally cartoonishly evil Penguin.


Oh, just go watch the livestreams already. You’re not getting anything else done at work today.

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  • Enfant Terrible

    Another reason why we love the Giants here in the Bay Area. In the words of the late, great Steve Gilliard, “fuck the fucking Yankees”.

  • RobertaK

    If it had been Crazy Crab, the Giants would’ve paid the Penguin to keep him (her? it?). Great story for a Friday, or any day for that matter.