Even in reruns, NCIS owns Tuesday night

Tuesday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. NCIS topped election night with 11.5 million total viewers watching an episode they’d seen before.

2. NCIS: New Orleans was also in reruns, but still managed 9.9 million.

3. The Voice was strong with 9.6 million.

4. CBS’s election coverage no doubt benefited from its NCIS lead-in to capture 5.4 million.


5. MasterChef Jr. served 5.1 million.

6. Marry Me bound itself to 4.5 million, which was apparently good enough for NBC to extend its freshman season an extra five episodes to 18.

7. NBC’s election coverage grew from its weak About a Boy lead-in to reach 4.2 million.

Also of note: ABC’s election coverage only attracted 3.2 million viewers, down from an already pitiful Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop lead-in of 3.4 million.

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