RAW FEED: Evade the Black Rider (Beatles Parody)



Dear old inkeeper, can you spare a few beds?
Make ’em Hobbit-sized for me and my friends
We’re here for a meeting with a man named Grey
I would tell you more, but we’re trying to evade a black rider

He’s a grey old wizard with a pointy hat
That man in the corner, what’s he staring at?
He makes me nervous and I don’t know why
He’s so interested that we’re trying to evade a black rider

If I wanted to, I could get out of here
Just use the magic ring and I could disappear
Gandalf said that that would not be wise
But these are desperate times as I’m trying to evade a black rider

For a second there, I thought we got away
Until the tall one stabbed me with a Molgul Blade
Now we’re riding off to Rivendell
On this she-elf’s horse as she’s trying to evade a black rider.

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