VIDEO: Escape from L.A. (1996)

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The sequel to one of the John Carpenter’s best films.

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  • Sardu

    I never realized it before- this was the first Asylum movie, wasn’t it!!

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Its fascinating to watch this and realise just how much it influenced the game Metal Gear Solid. Both Snakes’ get press-ganged into a mission to rescue a hostage from an island controlled by terrorists and prevent said terrorists from using a WMD; both Snakes’ are infected with a virus only to find out later it wasn’t what they thought (though in MGS Solid was given nanomachines that turned out to be a lethal bioweapon, rather than a bioweapon than turned out to be the flu); both Snakes’ get captured and held by a torturer strapped in a standing position; both have a female ally shot shortly before / after this event respectively; both have an ally who turns out to be a villain (Buscemi / Master Miller); both feature a fight with a helicopter; both have the people Snake tries to rescue die; even the way Snake is shot to the island by torpedo is pretty much the same (if much, much better done in MGS).

    And Cecil….you talked about NONE OF THIS! Shame on you, sir! Shame on you!

    • danbreunig

      That would make such an interesting “Vs.” title for Good Bad Flicks!

  • Joel Kazoo

    I saw this in the theater, and compared to Independence Day, this thing is a masterpiece.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    I enjoyed this movie, certainly not in the category of worst action films I’ve seen. Seems like they made a bland copy of the first film then tried to spice it up and make it a parody of the first film.