Eragon (2006) (part 9 of 13)

Next up, Brom is treating Saphira’s wing, which she apparently injured at some point. He’s covering it with some sort of weird yellow paste. It seems Brom can multitask, because he’s also yelling at Eragon. He tells him that he risked Saphira’s life unnecessarily, and is clearly very pissed off.

Eragon, of course, is completely unrepentant. Brom finishes up and goes to the river to wash his hands, still shouting about how it’s his duty to get to the Varden alive and, really, I’m completely on his side here. Eragon’s rash behaviour is supposed to be endearing, but really, it just makes him look stupid and irresponsible. And his refusal to learn from his mistakes only makes him that much more unsympathetic.

Caption contributed by Jet

“C’mon, Saphira, you’ll be a great replacement for Big Bird! All we have to do is finish painting you up!”

Regardless, Eragon has something else on his mind. He’s figured out that Brom is hiding something (took you long enough, kid), and he knows just what that something is, because he grabs Brom by the hand and cuts away the bit of leather covering his palm. And what do you know? There’s a scar shaped like an “e” underneath.

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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