Eragon (2006) (part 8 of 13)

With this very necessary scene completed, Eragon leaves. It’s nighttime now, so I guess it was dusk when they arrived. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t bother to watch where he’s going and walks straight into an Urgal. Whoops! Mind your step there, kiddo!

The Urgal griffinises our hero, but is then stabbed from behind by Brom. This won’t be the last time he conveniently shows up at just the right moment, nor will it be the most blatant. He gets stroppy with Eragon for being an idiot, and then they hurry off by moonlight.

They’re attacked by another Urgal, and run off with more in pursuit. Brom fights them off pretty well, while Eragon makes a run for it, but gets knocked down. Our hero finally does something useful, by shooting an Urgal with his bow and arrow. But then he gets hit and knocked down by another one, who sadly doesn’t proceed to give him a quick stab through the stomach.

While this extremely unthrilling struggle goes on, Brom whacks a couple more Urgals with a torch, and then runs over to help. Eragon calls out for Saphira, then manages to get up and grab his bow. He notches an arrow, aims it, and then for absolutely no reason, he shouts, “Brisingr!” The tip of the arrow starts glowing blue and he fires it, creating a massive explosion of blue fire which wipes out the Urgals (and strangely leaves Brom completely untouched). And then he faints. I told you he did that a lot.

Caption contributed by Jet

“The word sprang unbidden to his lips… ‘Brisingr!‘”

Once again, this is right out of the book. Only there, Eragon had even less reason to suddenly shout the magic word, because he’d heard Brom say it and written it off as a swear word. There was no reason for him to even remember it, but he conveniently did anyway, and said it at the exact right moment. Even though, later on, we find out that you’re supposed to concentrate and so on at the same time.

And you’ve got to love how the magic randomly arranged itself to attack the Urgals, instead of just lighting the ground in front of him on fire. And how said fire is suddenly blue, instead of ordinary yellow like Brom’s was. But, again, it’s nothing the book didn’t do a hundred times worse.

As Eragon faints, he sees Saphira finally arrive. Yeah, that’s one damn useful dragon right there. Glad to have you on the team, Saphira.

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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