Eragon (2006) (part 7 of 13)

Now it’s back to Gil’ead, famous site of the King’s personal Camp Gitmo. There’s a totally plagiarised shot of the Urgals (snort) making and sharpening their weapons. And man, how I wish I were watching The Two Towers right about now.

Durza teleports into the room (literally—he uses magic), and gives us an utterly pointless scene where he stabs one of the Urgals (chuckle) through the foot with his own weapon. He reveals that “the farmboy” escaped from the Ra’zac, and tells them to go get him. Look, Durza, the Ra’zac failed, and it’s pretty obvious that the Urgals are nowhere near as powerful as them. So why aren’t you doing this yourself? Do you want this new rider to win, or something?

Caption contributed by Jet

“But my Lord, there are too many! They cannot all be armed in time!”

Cut to Brom, who’s apparently psychic, because he tells Eragon that Durza will send his Urgals (giggle) after them. He says they have to go to a place called Daret. From there, they can get to the mountains where the Varden are hiding out.

He wants Eragon to instruct Saphira—not ask, instruct—to fly overhead and watch out for danger, which he does. So… she can’t understand English, then? As she takes off, we see the Ra’zac watching her from a nearby clifftop. What? How in the hell did they get here? It must be that offscreen teleportation again. Everyone in this movie can do it.

Caption contributed by Jet

“Wait, how did we get here? You gotta admit it defies all logic.”

Eragon and Brom ride off at high speed, which is followed by a brief montage of them travelling. (In the book, the horses could gallop all night without resting, and that didn’t kill them because fantasy horses are basically just machines.) Next up, they’re riding through a misty field. Brom suddenly pulls Eragon close and tells him something’s wrong. They ride off the path, where suddenly it’s bright and sunny. Continuity is for losers!

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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