Eragon (2006) (part 6 of 13)

It’s night again, and Eragon is sneaking into Brom’s house. It’s deserted, but he wanders around and finds a book full of pictures of dragons. Hmm. Could Brom possibly know more than he’s letting on? And there’s also a picture of a griffin in Brom’s book. No idea why, because there sure aren’t any griffins in the movie.

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“A griffin? Oh come on! Everyone knows there’s no such thing!”

While he’s busy gawping at this, he’s suddenly surprised by Brom, who’s inexplicably upset to find out someone just barged into his house and started messing with his stuff. Eragon, completely unflustered, asks him if what he said was true. Brom just tells him to get lost, but Eragon persists, saying he wants to know more about dragons.

Brom, realizing something’s up (beats me what tipped him off), closes the door and demands to know if anyone followed him. Eragon just ignores him and starts firing off dumb questions about how big dragons get, and when they start breathing fire, etc., etc. And then he looks confused when Brom tells him to pipe down. Again, this was the best person Saphira could find to bond herself to? Eeyargh.

Eragon keeps asking questions, and Brom, now very cranky, tells him to go away. But our hero still refuses to be put off, and keeps nagging at him. Finally, Eragon says he knows Brom’s story is true. Look, you may as well just come out and say you found a dragon, kid. You’re pretty lousy at keeping a secret. Having made Brom nicely suspicious, he storms off in a temper.

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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