Eragon (2006) (part 4 of 13)

Now it’s morning, and Roran is leaving. And the music in the background is so much like Fellowship of the Ring, it’s not even funny. There’s the clichéd fond farewell scene where Roran, who incidentally looks uncannily similar to Sam Gamgee, leaves with Eragon beside him.

And here Eragon is wearing, I kid you not, a leather waistcoat over his shirt. A shirt which, by the way, looks like it was machine-sewn (because it very obviously was), and is nicely white, even though they’re in a world that probably doesn’t have access to bleach. And the leather vest itself not only looks an awful lot like it’s made from vinyl, but also has factory-made metal fastenings on the front, and it’s dyed an attractive shade of brown. Look, there’s a fine line between stretching things and outright insulting my intelligence. And you’re a hundred miles south of it, bucko.

Caption contributed by Jet

“I’m sorry, but… I just can’t help but be glad I have no more lines.”

Actually, I happen to know a small titbit about the costumes. Apparently, due to poor planning, they were all whipped up at the last minute. The costume designer was forced to work with whatever she could get, which included a lot of leather. Hence, just about everyone is wearing the stuff. And if you think this particular outfit looks silly and unrealistic, just wait until you see the one our hero wears at the end of the movie.

Eragon and Roran bid a fond farewell, after which Roran strolls right out of the movie and is never seen again. Well, he sure was a necessary character. Obviously, he’s meant to return in the sequel (he did in the book sequel), but you probably shouldn’t count on that happening soon. Or ever.

Next comes a shot that’s so derivative that it has to be seen to be believed. If there was any doubt that the filmmakers knew they were making a cheap Star Wars ripoff, it dies right here. Are you ready for this?

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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