Eragon (2006) (part 12 of 13)

Then it’s back to the armoury. Ergy is just putting on his scaly turtleneck, when who should arrive but Arya, miraculously recovered from her brush with drawn-out and melodramatic death. And now she’s wearing her own armour, which competes quite fiercely with Eragon’s to be the more stupid-looking of the two. She also has what appears to be solid gold feathers in her hair. Yeah, that should be a whole lot of use on the battlefield.

Eragon looks pleased to see her, but I’m too busy noticing the really weird thing behind him. It’s a wooden shield painted with Australian Aboriginal-style designs, and what it’s doing here, I really couldn’t say.

While I’m checking that out, he tells her that “you look… [long pause in which he really wants to say “beautiful”]… fit for battle.” Aww, Ergy’s got a crush! Arya smiles back, so I guess the attraction’s mutual. (Trust me: it wasn’t in the book. Or the sequel. But he followed her around like a lovesick puppy anyway.)

Caption contributed by Jet

Don’t you just hate it how women do that?

A quick cut outside shows the rest of the Varden still getting ready for battle. You know the drill—lots of shouting, people handing out weapons, flammable oil being poured into containers marked “THIS WILL COME INTO PLAY LATER”, that sort of thing.

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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