Eragon (2006) (part 11 of 13)

Our heroes continue on foot. Arya is being carried on Saphira’s back, by the way, and I don’t know or care how she’s staying on. Maybe Eragon magicked up some Velcro. And now they’re being followed by a very large number of Urgals. Say what? Where the hell did they spring from?

More running, and they finally end up at the base of a huge waterfall. They stop here, and then an Urgal suddenly leaps out of nowhere. Upon seeing this, Murtagh grabs Zar’roc from the totally unaware Eragon, and kills the thing before it’s even hit the ground. So tell me—why isn’t Murtagh the hero, again? (And that applies to the book, too.) Eragon looks nonplussed, and then says thanks. Wow, they’re really bonding!

Murtagh eyes the waterfall and asks if it fits Arya’s mental map, and his accent has now completely disappeared. Eragon’s reply is to jump into the water and swim underneath the waterfall. Murtagh hesitates to follow, perhaps because he’s worried about messing up his hair. But he changes his mind when he sees the Urgals coming right up behind him. And the “godsdammit” look on his face as he strips off his fashionable cloak before diving in really makes this part of the movie worthwhile.

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He and Eragon swim under the waterfall and emerge in a cave, where they’re instantly menaced by guys with spears. These guys appear to have come out of a crappy period movie set in Hollywood’s idea of the Middle East, because they’ve got weird round helmets, and chain mail faceguards. Oh, and the spear-points appear to be made out of plastic, but I don’t know why I felt compelled to mention that. Oh right, to point out that this movie looks amazingly cheap for its $100 million budget.

Caption contributed by Jet

“Don’t worry, these are just the rubber spear points we use for crowd control.”

And now it’s back to—oh no—King Galbatorix, still wandering around his lair. Dude, get a hobby or something! Durza has somehow teleported here again (is he trying to collect Frequent Flier miles, or something?), and is looking somewhat the worse for wear after being shot in the forehead. Before, he looked pretty much human, but now his face looks like it’s starting to rot. It’s really not appealing.

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Multi-Part Article: Eragon (2006)

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