Epic Movie (2007) (part 5 of 11)

Back at the manor, Kal Penn is looking for Lucy. Wonka is still calling out to him menacingly, so I don’t know why Penn decided to stop hiding. Let’s just assume he has a good reason that probably rhymes with “the plot requires it”. Penn finds the wardrobe, which is now closed with all of the junk gone. I think it would have been funny if the wedding cake were still sitting on the floor, but I’m not in charge of the movie. If I were, Kal Penn would have been played by John Cho.

Kal begins making his way to the back of the wardrobe. He gags when he smells one of the coats. Then he asks, “Who lives here, Liberace?” And… I don’t understand that joke. I can’t even figure out what it’s supposed to mean. Is it the smell? Did Liberace wear lots of old, brown, fur coats? I’d ask him, but he’s been dead for 21 years. So, that joke was both completely incomprehensible and completely outdated. Way to go, writing team.

Next, Penn gets hit in the face repeatedly by tree limbs. I do get that joke, because it’s the same thing that happened when Lucy came through. I’ve had eight minutes to get ready for it.

He stumbles into the Gnarnia snow, and is now dressed in a brown sweater, knickers, and big wool socks pulled up to his knees. So, now he’s dressed like Edmund from Narnia, even though his name in the movie is Edward. Everybody take a drink!

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Multi-Part Article: Epic Movie (2007)

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  • Nathan Forester

    Wolverine’s actor is the same actor from An American Werewolf In Paris and also Rat Race.

  • Bob

    I did not see this this movie but I did see Date movie, I went to the cinema to watch that, the film had me boiling with rage at how shit it was, which is not what a comedy film should be trying to inspire in it’s audience, when a film is parodying another comedy movie it’s no longer comedy you’re just stealing jokes. I did actually like the first two Scary movies at the I’ve not watched recently though.