Epic Movie (2007) (part 2 of 11)

Lucy wanders off past a picture of a Mexican mission, which dissolves into a shot of a real Mexican mission. Welcome to Set Piece #2. The camera pans down a long table of eight year old boys waiting for their supper. While Roscoe tells us that our second orphan, Edward, is to be found here, the pan ends on a close-up of Kal Penn. He’s easily twenty years older than the rest and, obviously, has no place living in an orphanage. Visual joke: told.

A Jack Black lookalike is serving plates of beans to the children. Or, at least, he’s a Jack Black lookalike lookalike. So it seems we’ve embarked upon our Nacho Libre segment. Honestly, why? Should a satire really be satirizing other satires? It’s not as if Jack Black takes himself deadly seriously, and needs to be knocked down a peg. He’s already down a peg. On a peg that he hammered in there himself. Are we really supposed to cheer the deconstruction of Jack fracking Black? The best that the writers can hope for here is that we go, “Oh, Nacho Libre. I remember that.”

Oh, Nacho Libre. I remember that. Can we move on?

(In other news, all my cursing in this recap will be in Sci Fi-ese. Look forward to me proclaiming something to be dren.)

So, this guy doing this Jack Black impression jumps up in front of the monks and children. He rips off his robe and reveals a wrestling outfit. If you think this came out of nowhere, it did. He sings, “Nachoooooooo!” And then he… he… grabs a bag of product-placed chips and finishes, “…cheese flavored Doritos are delicious!” So, if you’re keeping track, I now have more respect for Nestle, and much, much less for PepsiCo.

Caption contributed by Jordon Davis

“If only we had a hero to save our Mission who… wasn’t him.”

And then things get bizarre. Bizarre-er, I mean. Tenacious Z rips open the bag, crushes up some chips, and sneezes them onto Kal Penn. Strangely, Penn gets hit with this green glop that in no way resembles crushed up corn chips. So, let this be a good lesson for future filmmakers: make sure to lock up your product placements before you begin principal photography.

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Multi-Part Article: Epic Movie (2007)

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