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Does Epic live up to its name, or is it yet another disappointing entry on this year’s slate of animated releases?

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  • Cristiona

    Brings up memories of Fern Gully? Oh dear.

  • I would say that I didn’t really like the movie until the LAST 20 minutes. I still liked this film for what it was, lame comic relief and predictable story aside. There is a scene in the climax with a visual that I can describe as genuinely epic and which I found very entertaining.

    Ronin was my favourite character in the movie. Badass, straight-forward and pretty funny at times. Some of his banter with Nod was when I actually laughed, not the mollusc relief. I didn’t really mind Nim Galuu all that much. I think he got a song because Steven Tyler was voicing him. I thought he would have gone full Aerosmith with it like he did the Polar Express but no, he did a jazzy sort of number which is pretty odd but, kind of cool in a way. MK and her father were alright, their relationship was charming at points but it took a while for me to get invested. Some of the other characters ranged from forgettable to annoying. The villain
    Mandrake was entertaining at points too (Christoph Waltz voiced him, there’s gotta be something to enjoy)
    Cliches aside, this movie was better than I thought it would be. I really like the forest setting and visuals, the celebrity cameos weren’t too obvious (apart from BeyoncĂ©, I immediately recognised her!) and the action, like you said was cool and quite intense.

  • The Nightmare Rider

    I find that this movie did achieve some level of it’s intended themes of balance. The leaf men had to destroy the Bogan to create new life because their hand was forced. Plus most of the equilibrium is shown between Ronin and Nod, as well as MK and her father. I did also like how science isn’t the bad guy for the entire movie. And that’s the start of the problems that prevented this movie from living up to it’s title; It squeezes so many cliche tropes in there for the sake of trying to please the kid when the plot doesn’t call for them. The plot is trying to revolve around the characters rather than the other way round. So even when it doesn’t make sense for characters to act a certain way, they do regardless.