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Joey goes to da movies and sees the new CG animated fantasy flick Epic, featuring the voices of Beyonce and Colin Farrell. Does this movie deserve its title, or has the internet robbed the word of all meaning?

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  • I must say that this was a surprisingly good movie despite there being some things I wasn’t completely behind with. That and seeing it with Sofie helped the experience too!

    The animation is just spectacular! I swear I could see nothing but green when I left the cinema. What they did with the environment of the forest was quite imaginative and a lot of things small did seem massive! Shame I didn’t see it in 3D but what I saw in front of me looked pretty damn good.

    The characters range from likeable to annoying. Ronin was my favourite character. Badass, noble, funny and to me was the star of the movie. So much so they had Colin Farrell as the first credited voice at the end. Nod was bland but didn’t leave too much of a bad impression, MK while being in the same area of blandness was still likeable in that realising how there was this miniature world, she became more curious and open to the world whilst still wanting to get back to her own size. I actually started to like the father character after a certain plot point whereas before just seemed like a stuttering, hyper-focused dolt, but that’s only because he was on the edge of insanity! I found the slug and snail comic relief more annoying and wasn’t laughing at their wise-cracks once. I actually found myself laughing at Ronin’s banter with Nod more than anything. But they at least had a purpose beyond just being obligatory comic relief so I can’t condemn them completely. The minor characters (Pop and rock star cameo characters) were OK. Beyoncé’s queen was nothing special although she did care a lot about her surroundings and there is something soothing about Beyoncé’s voice, not when she’s belting out an R’n’B ballad but just speaking. Pitbull’s bullfrog was meh, although I was surprised it was his voice so it wasn’t completely obvious unlike Beyoncé (nice attempt at Pitbull but curve your mouth a bit more next time :P) and WHAT HAPPENED TO STEVEN TYLER’S VOICE?! He sounds like a cross between Mel Brooks and Ed Asner! Well he is 65 and has been screamin’ most of his career so it was inevitable he’d sound like that! Either way, I liked his Nim Galuu character and got a few laughs from me and actually wasn’t a minor character in the end.

    I wouldn’t say this is a must-see movie but as you said it is a decent summer movie with great visuals and likeable characters. Despite the title being a put-off and slightly misleading, I will say that the last 20 minutes is pretty epic! An army of outnumbered leafmen fighting a sky full of bats blocking out the moonlight needed to keep the forest alive…yeah I’d say that’s epic!

    • danbreunig

      What actually turns me off from wanting to see this is the overload of pop star voices. Singers in a current spotlight would distract me more from the narrative because I keep hearing them and not the characters they are meant to portray–simply from the inability to block out “latest singers as turnaround voice actors”. I don’t mean to sound so cynical here, but…I would really want to see some new animated films with no-namers doing the voices.

      Steve Tyler’s voice? Must be good-old-fashioned overexposure. Ric Ocasek’s nearly the same age and despite his haggard looks nowadays, his voice never changed–obscurity pays off.

      Alright, I’ll say at least one good thing–it’s cool you got to enjoy the movie and have an experience to remember, Brewerman. When was anything involving Sofie ever negative?

      • It is true that Beyoncé’s voice was distracting because I could tell it was her but you could at least say that she has had acting experience before, unlike Pitbull who to be honest, I barely recognised at all. You’d think I would hearing his shite songs on the radio but no I actually had to wait until the credits to see his name come up and realise it was him playing that bullfrog. And it wasn’t really Pitbull playing a bullfrog version of himself, it was Pitbull playing a Latino mafia don/business man (Yes I know he was a drug dealer when he was younger but that wasn’t the case here). I know he’s not a serious actor but at least he wasn’t just doing an animated cameo, you know? As much as I would like to see up-and-coming actors or voice actors in these sorts of roles (Apparently John DiMaggio had a role in this film somewhere) but it is a mainstream Blue Sky/20th Century Fox Film. It was inevitable liberties like this would be taken. To the singers’ credit, they at least tried with their roles unlike some greedy dicks who just come, voice a small sound bit and collect a big pay cheque at the end.

        I have to say Tyler did bring his rock star energy into voicing Nim Galuu and his croakier voice must just be a result of loads of years of loads of screaming and loads of drugs. He probably witnessed Epic back in the 70s whilst on a shrooms trip!

        It certainly was a great experience just seeing it with Sofie and discussing it afterwards. She won’t be doing a video review of it because it’s not as though she feels strongly either way about the film. She didn’t love it, she didn’t hate it. She, like me, thought it was a decent, nice-looking but still flawed animated movie. I said surprisingly good because I went in with low expectations looking at some of the advertisements for it featuring those annoying molluscs! Still, I’m glad I saw it. In person, nothing is negative involving Sofie. It was just another part of her week and a half long UK trip and I was delighted to be a part of it. 😀