Enhance Your Child’s Prom Experience By Making Them Wear A Piece Of KFC Chicken Strapped To Their Wrist

Enhance Your Child's Prom Experience By Making Them Wear A Piece Of KFC Chicken Strapped To Their Wrist

Perhaps you have a teenager getting ready for prom. You will of course be adorning them in the finest camouflage dresses that money can buy, but what about a corsage? Why not pick something classic, something that can be easily used for their shotgun wedding as well: the Kentucky Fried Chicken corsage.


For the reasonable price of $20, you can have your own corsage tastefully adorned with a piece of KFC chicken. The item is made in collaboration with Nanz and Kraft Florists, who regularly sold the Colonel himself one red rose for his wife. They are based in Kentucky, of course.

Sadly, it does not come with a piece of chicken. Instead, the florist sends you a $20 corsage (is that a good corsage price? We have no idea) with a $5 coupon for the chicken piece of your choice, and then presumably you incorporate the chicken  into the bed of fresh baby’s breath (local) or silk baby’s breath (out of towners). Lovely!

As you can see, it also comes with a hashtag: #howdoyouKFC, which we guess you emblazon across your chest or something for maximum chicken-y goodness? Or perhaps you just keep throwing it up on Twitter until your would-be Romeo comes along with a promposal (we can’t believe that is a word we are using now) and offers you chicken’n’flowers wristwear.

So wait. He proposed with the corsage, but it isn’t like she can rock that drumstick all the way until prom, so they’ll just have to get more KFC the day of prom. Clever KFC cross-marketing initiative there, floral shop!

It doesn’t look like this is just limited to corsages, either. Check out this lovely bouquet that sports multiple chicken pieces!


No word on whether it is proper etiquette to gnaw the chicken straight from your wrist or other floral arrangement or whether you should remove it first, but either way, prom ain’t gonna get more sophisticated and beautiful as this.

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