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Endless Descent, also known as The Rift, is a sci-fi horror film knockoff of movies like The Abyss and Leviathan. It’s from J.P. Simon, the notorious director of Pieces… who else?

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  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    Cecil I had a terrible weekend…but all I need is a review of yours to turn everything around.  And this was a good one.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Awesome! Glad to know I have such an impact. 🙂

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great stuff, Cecil!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg


  • edharris1178

    Good review as usual, man.  So how does this stack up against Leviathan and Deep Star Six?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg


      All 3 are good but I’d stack them Leviathan < Deep Star Six < Endless Descent. All 3 have their strong and weak points.

      • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

        I remember seeing Deep Star Six as a kid and being scared as hell by the movie.  Leviathan didn’t scare me quite as much because I knew that the heroes weren’t going to be killed by it, but Deep Star Six had that Alien feeling to it, of claustrophobia.  I’ll have to rewatch it some time to see if it still holds up after all these years.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          I think Deep Star Six was more horror while Leviathan was more sci-fi, hence why DS6 was scarier. (after all, DS6 was directed by Friday the 13th creator/director Sean S Cunningham)

          I think it still holds up. The effects are good and the creature looks great for the fleeting moments you actually see him. They were (admittedly) trying to make Alien underwater and succeeded to a certain degree.

  • Goblin1001

    Juan Piquer-Simon, of POD PEOPLE and SLUGS- THE MOVIE fame?  May the lord have mercy on our souls.  (Of COURSE the hero’s ex is on board!  Jesus, wake me when this is over!)

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      hehehe yep

  • SteveWD

     Great Review!!!  I really want to see this and ‘Pieces’.  Just about cracked up when the Land of the Lost theme kicked in.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks! If you are even just a casual horror fan you’ll enjoy Pieces. It is such an good old fashioned horror flick.

      Heheheh, glad you picked up on that. 🙂

  • spiff2268

    Anybody remember a show that Jack Scalia did back in the mid 90s called “Point Man”?  That was a great show.  Too bad it didn’t last very long.

  • Tim Terrell

    Skeet! skeet! Skeet! Skeet!

  • Red Cardinal

    I know that I shouldn’t really query this but… why is there a self-destruct in the sub? I mean, what possible circumstances would you ever use it? Oh wait…

  • Troodon

    R. Lee Ermy is a great actor who unfortunately got typecast into almost always playing basically the same character (usually even the same job description) but this one of the few times he got to play something other than a drill sergeant (or a character who may as well have been one). Also check him out in the remake of Willard.

  • David Coleman

    Nice job, Cecil! Juan would have been thrilled by your review. Full disclosure: I was the screenwriter for this one whose unenviable task was to rewrite the film literally a few weeks before production began in Madrid! Every day, the pages I wrote in English were translated into both Italian (for exec producer Dino DeLaurentiis, who financed it anon and didn’t read English) and Spanish (for director J.P. Simon, who didn’t speak/read English)! But everyone gave it their best shot for a very limited budget. You’re right, btw: the first cut was 20 minutes longer, but Dino wanted it to move, move, move, so he hired a team of editors to chop it down to 89 minutes. Predictably, most of the tossed stuff was the earlier character scenes, etc. Anyway, thanks, great review, brought back some fun memories. 😉