Empire: Wow, That Kidnapping Did Not Last Long At All (S2 E6 RECAP)

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The last episode left off with Hakeem getting kidnapped by a mysterious gangster. This is a problem because he is missing the Not So Supreme’s rehearsal and he is supposed to do a rap bridge for them. Porsha offers to be his stand-in, but Cookie reminds Porsha that she is only there to do stupid stuff and be comic relief. But seriously, if Porsha has some secret rap skills, I hope we hear more, eventually. It would be great to develop this character so that she’s not used solely for comic relief.


They get a video from a tied-up Hakeem, but Cookie thinks it’s a prank from Lucious. However, Lucious has his hands full trying to coax Jamal’s hurt feeling about Michael cheating into the music. Cookie bursts into the studio to confront Lucious, and they all quickly realize Hakeem is in danger. Cookie and Lucious handle the ransom drop-off as Hakeem stays with his kidnappers, who all have red bull tattoos on their backs.

Over at Empire, Andre starts his first day as the head of Gutter Life records. He announces that they will be reexamining their roster to make sure their artists are of high-quality character. Everyone is doubtful that any of their badass, hardcore gangster artists will pass Andre’s inspection. Becky is especially worried because she is dating JPoppa, one of the most troublesome Gutter Life artists.

Cookie and Lucious wait for Hakeem at the drop-off site but find out that he has been released elsewhere. Hakeem turns up at Anika’s door and engages in some “Glad to Be Alive” sex with her before he goes home to tell everyone he’s fine. Everyone is understandably worried for Hakeem, but to be honest, this kidnapping storyline was wrapped up in fifteen minutes. Why worry, Hakeem was returned before the second commercial break?

Lucious heads back to work with Jamal, who is upset his big Staples Center concert has been canceled due to the fact his audience is “too narrow,” a.k.a. “too much of a gay crowd.” What? I call BS on this–doesn’t Jamal have a huge fan base of straight women who think he’s cute? Everyone, including Jamal, seems to have forgotten about his fruit flies, so Jamal calls in Jameson, a gay member of the Staples Center Board of Directors, to help Jamal get his concert back. Lucious is not enthusiastic–he almost signed with Jameson’s record company until he found out that Jameson was gay. Jamal tells Jameson and Lucious to suck it up (no, not in that way) and work together for Jamal’s sake. Lucious reluctantly agrees.

At the Not So Supremes rehearsal…

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