Empire: I'm a Motherlover (S2 E7 RECAP)

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The women on “Empire” are getting their lovin’ on! Last episode it was Becky in bed with her rapper boyfriend and now Cookie is in bed with her concert promoter/secret gang member boyfriend. Laz gives Cookie the idea to have a concert in the park. Cookie is excited to have a boyfriend who encourages her company to flourish (instead of trying to sabotage it at every step like a certain ex we know) but unfortunately, Laz has ulterior motives. Rock Steady Park, the concert location Lazy suggested, is controlled by The Bulls and Laz knows Cookie will have to pay for the gang’s protection and for Laz’s concert promotion.

Well, at least she’s getting laid.


Cookie takes a break from getting nookie to advise Jamal on how to record his latest track since Lucious has his hands full helping Freda record their collaboration “Boom Boom Boom Boom.” Lucious wants to present their track to super producer Huey Drivers, who could assist the pair to get the Grammy Lucious has always wanted. Huey likes the track, especially Freda’s verse, but tells Lucious that he needs to tap into his emotions more. Lucious has a flashback to when he was a child and buried the bullets for his mother’s gun. “Uh…I’ll get back to you on that,” he says.

Meanwhile, Cookie invites hip-hop bloggers to the Lyon Dynasty offices to promote her concert, Cookie’s Cookout. Despite the name sounding like something your grandma would organize for the church picnic, everyone is pretty pumped for the event. The Not So Supremes perform for the reporters, and trouble arises when one of the back up girls, Carmen, ousts Laura from the Queen Bey spot. Cookie is impressed with the girl’s “Showgirls”-esque moxie and tells Hakeem to promote her. Hakeem insists that Laura has the voice, but Cookie counteracts that she doesn’t have the personality. If Laura doesn’t break out of her shy little girl mode, she’ll be out of the spotlight.

At Empire, Mimi, Lucious, and Andre discuss business. Andre suggests that Empire move into music streaming, but instead of building their own platform, Mimi suggests that they buy Swift Stream instead. To Andre’s disappointment, Lucious picks Mimi’s idea and Andre’s only task is to make a gang injunction against Freda go away. He suggests that Andre uses his friend (with benefits) at the mayor’s office for help.

Cookie gussies herself up and asks Porsha’s opinion about her behind before she meets her boyfriend…Jamal? Yep, Cookie dressed up just to have a private dinner with her son. These Oedipus vibes are too much, even for Empire. He thanks Cookie for her help on his track, and they tell each other that they missed each other. You two are mother and son, not ex-lovers! The incest vibe is heightened when Cookie brings Jamal over to see the Lyon Dynasty studios and quickly hides him when Hakeem comes by.

Speaking of crossing boundaries…

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