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As Jamal (Jussie Smollett) sings a melodramatic song about betrayal, FBI agents storm the Empire offices and raid them, looking for any evidence to use against Lucious (Terrence Howard). Speaking of taking down Lucious, Anika (Grace Gealey) once again offers to call a truce with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) to team up. However, Cookie would rather focus on convincing Jamal (Bryshere Gray) to get back into the studio to make a hit single, but Jamal is still stubbornly trying to make his girl group, a.k.a. The Not-So-Supremes, happen. He promises Cookie that if he doesn’t find a new lead singer within the week, he will drop his dream of being the next Berry Gordy.


The Dynasty staff hears about the FBI’s raid at Empire and starts to make their moves to poach more Empire artists, but then the FBI storms their office. Looks like Dynasty can’t shake off their connection to Lucious.

Thirsty Rawlings (Andre Royo) attempts to intercept Booby McBoobs, Esq Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrell) when she leads the FBI raid to the Lyon mansion. She is greeted by a shirtless Lucious, who invites her to “look wherever you like.” (Are you sure about that, Terrence?) Roxanne pretends to be disgusted, but she doesn’t exactly have the moral high ground when she’s shoving her bosom in everyone’s faces.

Lucious assures his investors that they can spin the press from the FBI raid to give Empire more street cred. He calls a truce with Dynasty, and the two companies discuss how to stand together against the feds. Thirsty warns that their truce will have to last until Vernon Turner is found and convinced not to testify so the FBI’s case will fall apart. “So we just have to find Vernon,” says Lucious.

Cookie tells Lucious that if he agrees to let Dynasty back on the radio, Hakeem and Jamal can team up for a duet to show the FBI that the Lyons are sticking together and get publicity for both companies. Lucious only agrees to the duet and tells Cookie that if Hakeem wants to get on the radio so badly, he’ll find another way.

As a pretentious artist (Danny Strong) shoots test shots for Jamal’s upcoming Rolling Stone cover while Michael rolls his eyes in the background, Andre meets with Lucious to discuss the FBI investigation. After another flashback with his mentally ill mother (Kelly Rowland), Lucious continues to hold Andre at arm’s length. Andre offers to find Vernon if Lucious will let him come back to Empire. “If you make this mess go away, you can have anything you want,” promises Lucious. Andre tells Rhonda about the deal and convinces her to help him dig up the body. Rhonda is not enthusiastic about the idea, especially since Andre insists that “God is speaking to me” and God’s will is for him to take Empire.

Really? The big man upstairs isn’t concerned about ending world hunger or poverty? He just wants Andre in charge? Okaayyyy….#OnlyLyonsLivesMatter

Speaking of self-centered hash tags, the music video for the duet commences. The concept is that Jamal and Hakeem play Black Panthers-esque rebels fighting against police brutality but the fighting is mostly within camps: Hakeem is still annoyed that Lucious killed his Not-So-Supremes, Lucious keeps trying to poach Hakeem, Cookie is furious that a smug Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) is on set, and Jamal and Hakeem are fighting over the spotlight. Eventually, the brothers start fighting each other, and Hakeem storms off the set.

Cookie Gets Arrested…

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