All Emmys All The Time: Merritt Wever Is Our New God

The Emmys might have been confusing as fuck, but they also gave us what was, without a doubt, the best award acceptance speech of all time. Witness the first award of the evening, to Nurse Jackie’s Merritt Wever for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:


Was it meta? Was she just playing her abrupt yet somehow ditsy yet somehow awesome Nurse Jackie character? Was she really that flustered? I’m gonna go with the latter, because her post-award-show explanation was just as delightfully scattered:

“I wanted to thank everyone at Showtime, and most of all Edie Falco. And people at Showtime. I’m scared, honestly, because it was unexpected. I mean, I have therapy next week,” reports USA TODAY’s Marco della Cava.

I would like to marry Merritt Wever I think. Other people won things, but they were not nearly as delightful as Merritt Wever. We had such a short time together, but I will never forget these precious seconds we shared.

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