EMMYS 2015: How Many Times Did You Cry?

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Sitting in a puddle of my own tears and snot reflecting on the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. I was not prepared.

How could I be, there was no reason to suspect all the raw emotion. The show opened with a funny Andy Samberg monologue with multiple snicker out loud moments, which were funny because they were so true!

  • LOUIE is now technically jazz.”
  • “Racism is over, don’t fact check that.”
  • “Donald Trump seems racist . . . what else?”
  • “Bernie Sanders always looks like his flight was delayed.”

And, the TV Juriste award for best joke of the Samberg monologue goes to Samberg’s reference to a potential title for a Mad Men prequel that could be called:

“Dick Whitman, Horny Hobo.”

Great job, Andy.


WATCH Andy’s Opening Monologue:

Transparent Activism

Andy’s hilarious monologue led into several big awards for Transparent. Show creator, Jill Solloway, won for Best Director in a Comedy Series for Transparent and Jeffrey Tambor won Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Both of their acceptance speeches acknowledged the struggles of transgender communities, but did so in a way that was sincere, but not overly emotional. Tambor, in particular, was widely expected to win. Nice Emmy moments from the Transparent team, but nothing tear-inducing.

Veep Sweep

Some expressed surprise Transparent lost the Best Comedy Series honors to Veep. Not me. With one exception, I fully expected the Veep sweep of several big awards, including  Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actress (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Best Supporting Actor (Tony Vale), and Best Writing.

The Veep sweep may have made Transparent fans shed a few tears, but the Academy got it right, in my opinion.  Modern Family has its funny moments, but the number of awards it’s received is way out of proportion to the show’s quality. And, don’t get me started on how Modern Family, even at its funniest, has never been particularly modern. How many families do you know with stay-at-home moms? How many sitcoms have you seen with hapless husbands paired with super-hot wives? Exactly.

As for Transparent, it was poignant, but I didn’t find it remotely funny. Meanwhile, Veep is hilarious. Veep has some of the best cursing you’ll hear anywhere. Don’t sleep on Veep, you actually may laugh so hard you cry.

And Then There Were Tears…

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