Elektra (2005) (part 7 of 10)

Our heroes leave the city, which, on a side note, did not have one measly Christmas decoration anywhere in sight. A tractor comes towards the Elektra-Mobile, traveling down the other side of the road. This never becomes important. It’s a bad sign in an action movie when you find yourself not wondering “Will they make it out alive?” but rather “What was that tractor doing there?”

Inside the car, Mark is asleep, and Abby pops a chewing gum bubble. She smirks, but Elektra turns around, completely unamused. She mumbles, “I’m a soccer mom.” [?]

Abby then tries to break the ice with a little small talk. “So, you, um, you really kill people for a living?” Well, at least it’s not “Nice weather we’re having,” or “How about them Wildcats, huh?” But I still would really love to know: how does Abby know that Elektra kills people for a living? Was there a big confession off-screen? A bit of crucial dialogue left on the cutting room floor? Does Abby have psychic powers?

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Multi-Part Article: Elektra (2005)

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