Elektra (2005) (part 5 of 10)

Cut to another arty, soft-focus dream sequence. Little Elektra takes the necklace off her mother’s bloody chest and then lies down next to her on the bed. And there are no blood spatters on the bed at all, and Little Elektra looks like she expects Mommy to get up and make breakfast any second. She’s pretty calm, considering she just saw a demon in the last flashback. There’s a word UN for the CON way this scene is VIN played, but I just CING can’t put my finger on it.

A phone rings, and Elektra sits up in bed. It’s McCabe, who’s calling to tell her she has “a delivery”, i.e., a brown envelope in front of the door. Good thing they’re in a safe neighborhood—I’d hate to think of someone swiping the assassination instructions.

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Multi-Part Article: Elektra (2005)

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