Elektra (2005) (part 3 of 10)

All of a sudden, McCabe is completely on Elektra’s side, and now they’re talking business again. He’s eager for Elektra to go out and kill again, and he even refers to himself as her “agent” and tells her that they got an “absolutely fantastic new offer”. However, in the very same sentence, McCabe goes back to riding the guilt train with an ominous: “but that last job…” Could you please make up your mind? “Kill them! But not these guys. Kill! Kill! But not too many people.”

Elektra turns down the new job, saying she wants a breather. McCabe, obviously needing the commission, continues his mixed messages: “Great idea. I’m just saying, it’s a lot of coin.” She says she’s tired, and he advises her to get some sleep before she burns out. But something else has him concerned: “Do you even get laid?”

Am I being overly PC by suggesting that no male superhero ever had to put up with this line of questioning? I don’t think Alfred ever asked, “By the way, Master Bruce, may I inquire when you had your last session of intercourse with one of those charming young ladies you’ve been seeing?” But then again, maybe if they had let Joel Schumacher stay on for a third film…

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Multi-Part Article: Elektra (2005)

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