Elektra (2005) (part 10 of 10)

But Elektra obviously took the time to light candles, and as they flicker, they reveal the villains are approaching the house. Yes, “villains”, plural. In a shocking turn of events, Kirigi didn’t come alone after all, but brought a whole lot of ninjas with him. As they run towards the house, Elektra finally gets up, showing that she’s decided to wear high heels for the occasion. But wait, it gets better. Elektra sheds her cloak to reveal…

Caption contributed by TheFili

Everybody now: “You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade!”

No wonder she kept her coat on—that costume looks chilly, to say the least. She walks over to a candelabra and takes a single candle from it. Meanwhile, the ninjas amuse themselves by climbing all over the house.

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The Fili

Hi, my name is Matthias, I am a student of English and German, and may one day even get to teach these (if my university ever works out how to run a B.A. system). I live in a medium-sized German town few have ever heard of, and have only recently discovered the joys of suffering through horrible movies, describing them in every little... okay, let's forget about the joy and make that therapeutic effect.

Multi-Part Article: Elektra (2005)

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  • Mamba

    Thought you may want to know, you seem confused on Kirigi…he’s telepathic. That’s why the sudden turnaround of his father offering to give him control, he was making him do it and using the meeting as cover. He was controlling and reading the mind of McCabe, not using the good mystical stuff. and during all his fights, he was manipulating perceptions of where he was and the like, basically messing with her mind while attacking her. Now a throwaway line would have been helpful for the audience to KNOW this, but strong writing clearly isn’t this movie’s strong point!

  • Guest

    OK, hate to nitpick, but we’ve got two uppercase sigmas and an uppercase lambda.

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    I have absolutely no intention of redeeming this movie, but I feel the need to correct you in an important point. The reason “Stick” reminds you of “Splinter” and “The Hand” reminds you of “The Foot” it’s not because Elektra is ripping of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it’s actually the other way around.

    You see, the creators of the TMNT were huge fans of Frank Miller’s work, specially in Daredevil’s. When they created the first comic, they introduced Splinter and The Foot as references to Stick and The Hand, which were created by Miller in his Daredevil run. They even went far enough to make the accident that created the TMNT a direct consequence of the one which created Daredevil.

    I guess it really says something about the popularity of your creation when the original you’re parodying is believed to be a ripoff of yours.