VIDEO: Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

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Cheapus attempts exposure therapy to overcome his fear of spiders by watching Eight Legged Freaks, where spiders in a small town get exposed to toxic waste, grow to enormous size, and terrorize the locals, including David Arquette, Kari Wuhrer, and a 15 year old Scarlett Johansson.

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  • The_Stig

    Is it just me or has the Booth been cranking out more content lately (with fewer contributors, mind you) than That Fellow With The Corrective Lenses.

    So what about Daleks, Liam. You afraid of Daleks?

    • MephLord

      It’s probably just you, but I think the Agony Booth is putting out more “quality” content than the Rival is…

      • The_Stig

        In order to not stir the pot, I won’t say anything about their content. I know they’ve got some fans here, I was just saying you guys have been seriously cranking out the win.

        • LindaMinda

          I think it’s partly due to ‘That Guy’ going through a current stage of content transition and this site having a ton of current contributors. But I don’t know how many are currently active right now.
          I’ve always been more interested in viewer stats though.

    • Sofie Liv

      On a number scale, no we don’t, the TGWTG site still consistently puts out 3-5 videos every single day.
      Not all of them straight out reviews mind you, but still content.

      How-ever, we differ in that way that we only exclusively put out genuine video reviews, such things as Vlogs, unscripted rants, cutesy kitty videos and home-photos are kept to a minimum here and at most, is only attached to an all-ready existing video review, never getting released by itself.

      The aim has been to update ones every-day, how-ever it also becomes dependent on when video producers are done with their videos, some-times its a clusterfuck, some-times it’s dead space.

      With some video producers, such as the Film renegado or Joshua the anarchist, they have been making videos for a long time before they got picked up by the booth and there-fore has an actual back-log of old videos, which some-times gets pulled on for posting on the site to keep up a steady posting pace.

      Other people how-ever, like me, mr. Mendo and the friday night guys, don’t, so what you see from us is what comes out as we make it.

      But I am glad that you think we are quality wise getting better, personally I was just sitting watching some old NC videos on youtube the other day and got to think. “Oh damn, he must have spend twice as long on any of his episodes regular episodes as I do on mine.” and yeah I mean, the longer re-cap like episodes, like when I did twilight breaking dawn part 1… and btw way people, next year, I am going to make an entire twilight month to give this thing its prober send-off.

      And who aren’t afraid of Daleks? really? next time you’ll be telling me a weeping angel is harmless to! D:

      • Muthsarah

        Does the site have a rule never to do Vlogs?  I personally love it when Doug, Lindsay, Brad, or Spoony do Vlog-style reviews.  Both because it’s fun hearing them as themselves, and not as the exaggerated caricatures they usually portray, but also because it can confirm that they are indeed very funny people, as they can be funny impromptu.

        I think it’d be awesome to see you guys, if ever you do meet-up crossovers, to create a couple of Vlogs, just so we can see you guys in “real time”.  I really enjoyed your Vlog-ish trip to England (it’s what prompted me to create my account and my first comment here) and your recent TMNT outtakes.  Scripted, edited reviews are always fine, but the live, unfiltered stuff of you guys just being you is the most enjoyable overall.

        • Sofie Liv

           yes, that’s what Albert decided, no vlogs, only what feels like finished videos.
          Which has pros and cons to it sure, but trying come off as a semi proffesional site which is about a group of people coming together some-times making this, and has awareness enough to some-times being noticed by people higher up in the real movie world, I think it’s a smart thing to do.

          How-ever, that doesn’t stop us from making vlogs on our private blip pages or web-sites should we want it.
          I also personally break the rule some-time, if you go to me Lord of the rings video, I attached a vlog to it show-casing a larp game I was at at the time.

          But you know, even when you put on a camera for a vlog, you’ll always end up acting, people just behave differently when theres a camera on them.
          But glad you think we can be funny on our own, hopefully we’ll be invited to some cons or some-thing some time, so we really can let loose. That’s what does exists for isn’t it? 

          • LindaMinda

            Forget that (as nice an idea as it may be).

            I am waiting for the anniversary videos where you all get together to do something, ala That Other Guy (e.g. like To Boldly Flee)

          • Sofie Liv

             Believe me, we ALL want to make some kind of anniversary video and meet up in real life.
            But.. here’s comes the big bummer, we are not nearly as popular a site as TGWTG, and none of us earns any money on this what so ever, none, if we should get together, we would have the money between ourselves, and as most of us are.. sort of poor.. it stays a dream project at current time.

            But, that dream is alive and living, believe me.

          • MephLord

            It’s probably easier for the UK recappers and yourself to do something in London, whereas the US recappers would have a bit of a tougher time coming together, since the travel distances are so much greater.  If the UK recappers did do a group recap, it would need to be a pretty epic movie like Braveheart or King Arthur, while also talking about the decline of the Epic genre after Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, and Beowulf did so poorly at the box office.

          • Sofie Liv

             Or we could just do a porn

          • MephLord

            That would require a cameo from Tanya Tate…if that happened I would fully support recapping a porn, a classic like Edward Penishands, Last Action Whore or Sex Trek.

          • From the Agony Booth to the Pleasure Booth. A sexed-up version of Nerdquest.

          • Sofie Liv

             well duh of cause, I would be in it.

        • MichaelANovelli

          I don’t do vlogs, but I’ve been experimenting with unscripted reviews, lately.  I think they’ve turned out OK.  :-)

  • Muthsarah

    Do you really have to tell us that a cheesy movie (and genre throwback) is actually not bad?  It seems like that’s exactly the kind of movie that plays best here.  I would have been surprised if you DIDN’T recommend it.  That said, I do agree that it wasn’t anything too special; a worthy effort, but it just didn’t quite have the goofiness that I was hoping for.  Doug E Doug’s character was wasted (they needed someone funnier) and Kari Wuhrer was neither a convincing sheriff nor a direct nod to the scream queens (or at least to the helpless, worthless damsels in the old movies that would always pick the worst times to fall down).  It’s like the producers got cold feet and just couldn’t quite commit to the concept.  The poster/cover captured more of the spirit than the movie itself, which felt like it was bouncing back and forth between goofy/campy and serious/scary and wouldn’t settle on one of them for very long.  Like Gremlins.  Or Starship Troopers.  Better than the latter, but not as good as the former.

    Oh, and I’m also arachnophobic, but I got over…most of it…back when I knew a guy who had a pet tarantula.  If you let one of those things crawl over you for a bit, then the little ones aren’t so bad, unless they surprise you.  Today, I’m more afraid of the spiders I can’t see (but which I know are there…somewhere) than the ones that just hang around on my walls or build webs in the corner.

  • MephLord

    Would it be mean of me to put fake spiders in Liam’s drawer where he pulls out the DVD’s from?

    • Muthsarah

      It would be inappropriate of you, I’ll say that.  I mean, why would they have to be fake?

      And if you’re going to all the effort, at least put them in his underwear drawer (or, if he’s a bachelor, in the big pile of clothes on his bedroom floor), to get the proper effect.

      • MephLord

        It’s all conjecture…I’m Canadian, and flying all the way to the UK seems a bit…well…silly.  But how did you know us bachelors throw our clothes on the floor rather than in a proper laundry bin?????

  • Cristiona

    I always figured Eight Legged Freaks was too goofy to trigger spider fear.

    Now, Arachnophobia, on the other hand, that gave me the willies for weeks.

    • MephLord

      I still can’t watch Arachnophobia, that movie is legit scary…

      • Muthsarah

        Oh c’mon, John Goodman makes everything funny!  See it for him.

    • Well, he has Arachnophobia, trust me, when you have a phobia even the silliest things can trigger fear.

  • Sofie Liv

    For some reason I always find it amusing that I seem to be the only one not the least afraid of Spiders at all.
    As I grew up in a wooden house, there has been spiders all around the corners for all of my life, but other words, I grew used to them when I was like five. I am cold to Spiders, remember hearing about this movie though, and it looks pretty cool to. 

    • MephLord

      northern spiders that we are used to (I’m further north than you are, and am glad I don’t deal with the crazy tropical and Australian spiders) are pretty harmless and like you I’m used to them but liking them?  Not so much.  The spiders here are tiny black ones that feed on mosquitos and flies, nothing too insane.  In fact, that’s why I’d never live in a warmer climate, they deal with a lot more crazy insects and lizards, I would rather fight with snow than a reptile any day.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Ah yes, WCW champ David Arquette.  Truly a legend. :)

    Great review, Liam.  And yeah, spiders freak me the hell out, too.

  • Ciy

    Great review. I’m not scared of spider my self but i know a few people who would freak out at the sight of a tiny money spider. Though i have to admit, the idea of having live spiders in your stomach is freaking sick. -_-