Easy Kill (1989) (part 7 of 7)

Frank goes back to Jade’s house and she informs him that his flight is at 4am. "Do I look alright?" Jade asks. Frank replies, "No problem." [?] Are they missing a page out of their scripts? And do you really need to look your best when catching a privately chartered flight at four in the morning?

Now they’re back in bed again, but thankfully, they’re just sleeping this time. Presumably, they’re getting a little rest before the flight, so why did Jade ask Frank if she looked alright if she was just going to go to bed?

Frank tosses and turns in bed. To give the impression that he’s dreaming, an idiotic montage of earlier moments is superimposed over him. It’s much too dumb to go into in great detail, but you’ll be happy to know that even Frank’s dreams contain high percentages of pointless driving footage.

Easy Kill (1989) (part 7 of 7)

After the experience of Easy Kill, you too will have nightmares about time-wasting driving footage.

However, I will point out that among the images in his "dream montage" is a clip from the opening scene where Alex opens up a bag of cocaine. Frank, needless to say, never even saw this in the first place. Perhaps Frank and Alex are really clones that are psychically linked (See Dean Koontz’s Mr. Murder).

Also in Frank’s dream montage is a replay of the scene where Marty hands Jade the briefcase with the million dollars in it. Only, this time, it plays out from Jade’s point of view. We hear Jade say to Marty, "Do you have a gun on you? Can you show it to me?" When Marty pulls out the gun, she again turns and screams Frank’s name. Frank wakes up with a start, sitting straight up in bed. By the way, does anybody really sit straight up like that right after they’ve had a nightmare?

Again, this whole exchange is something Frank never personally witnessed. So what the film is trying to do (and failing miserably at) is to reveal a plot twist, not through the eyes of the person who has first hand knowledge of it, but through a totally different character’s dream. The implication being, I suppose, that Frank made some sort of deductive leap in his sleep. Look, if Frank heard thunder, saw lightning and felt wet, he couldn’t deduce that it was raining. So, needless to say, this is an especially awkward plot device.

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Multi-Part Article: Easy Kill (1989)

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