Easy Kill (1989) (part 4 of 7)

We cut to a shot of Frank’s car driving down the street. For some reason in this film, every time Frank drives somewhere, we’re treated to half a minute of "driving footage". Yes, I know, it kills screen time. Finally he gets to Jade’s front gate. He buzzes up, but there’s no answer.

Easy Kill (1989) (part 4 of 7)

Something we’ll be seeing plenty of over the course of this movie.

He climbs over the gate, and it’s hard not to notice how much it wobbles around as Frank lifts himself over it. He pulls out his gun, and walks inside. As he walks around the back of the house, we see his reflection in the pool, because this is "cool looking".

He finally comes across a trail of clothes leading to the Jacuzzi. Assuming he’s in for a little hot tub action, he smiles, puts away his gun, and takes off his jacket.

In a tasteful bit, it turns out Jade is lying naked in the hot tub with her wrists slashed. The same straight razor that Frank was earlier using to shave with (remember that?) is lying nearby. He runs into the bathroom, and grabs that first aid kit he used when he cut himself shaving earlier (remember that?). He jumps in the hot tub and wraps her wrists in bandages and lifts her out.

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Multi-Part Article: Easy Kill (1989)

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