RAW FEED: DVD Shelf Mini Reviews Ep 9: Reign Over Me

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In this 90-second review, I’ll look at Reign Over Me, a drama featuring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle as two long-lost college roommates whose lives drastically change when their friendship is rekindled. Make sure to check out all of my movie reviews, long or short, at HappyDragonPictures.com! The DVD Shelf Mini Reviews is hosted by David Rose.

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  • Necroglobule

    Here’s what bothers me about Adam Sandler: He can be awesome when he wants to be (like in Punch Drunk Love or Funny People) but for whatever reason he’d rather do awful Happy Madison films than be taken seriously as an actor.

  • Garrett Snook

    After seeing this movie, I immediately went out and bought Quadrophenia.