Dungeons & Dragons (2000) (part 6 of 10)

Speaking of Xilus, he makes a desperate attempt to reclaim the Eye and salvage the scene’s entertainment value by ordering his thugs to jump Damodar’s men. Another big, messy brawl ensues. Ridley is knocked to the ground by a random tough, and drops the slightly scorched map, which rolls onto the floor. Marina slowly crawls after it as though she’s lost the ability to walk. Snails dives behind a desk and hits random people.

Caption contributed by Evan Waters

Damn, it rolled under the invisible couch!

Most of the fight is vaguely coordinated and not that interesting. Remember how Marina cast some wicked spells earlier? There’s none of that; she crawls around like an idiot and gets grabbed on the forearm by Damodar, who drags her off like she’s Dale Arden’s weaker, less assertive cousin.

To get all nerdy again for a moment, mages in D&D do have some limit on how many spells they can cast each day, but it’s been a while since the business at the magic school, and the film doesn’t bother to explain any limitations or restrictions on Marina’s magic to the audience at any point. She just loses her competence when it becomes convenient to the plot.

Ridley goes after Marina, and Snails is told to fetch the Dwarf, who has been completely absent in this scene so far. (One of the deleted scenes features more footage from the guild fight, where he’s attacking people with a lit brazier and Xilus tries to smash his head with a giant wooden club. Why you would cut something like this, I have no idea.) Snails complains about always having to get the dwarf, again revealing way too much about his and Ridley’s relationship, before shuffling off in a mildly offensive manner.

Caption contributed by Evan Waters

Special Guest Director, Frederico Fellini.

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Multi-Part Article: Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

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