Dungeons & Dragons (2000) (part 3 of 10)

Snails’ high pitched wailing alerts Marina and the sage, and he sends her up to the attic to see what the deal is. In the meantime, Ridley recognizes that the costly phantasm is just an illusion, and gets it to go back in the box. Just then, Marina breaks in and ensnares the two in a glittery magic rope, looking kind of hot as she does so.

Caption contributed by Evan Waters

Why, yes, I do have a few overdue books…

It’s hateful banter at first sight for Ridley and Marina. He suggests this is the only way she can get dates, to which she replies, “I’d have to put a feeblemind spell on myself to want to take you home.” As geek humor goes, I’ve heard worse. (Snails thinks it’s funny, but, well, he’s Snails.) But before she can cart the thieves off to the city dungeon (and the dungeon/dragon ratio of this movie has been kind of low), there’s a noise from the library.

Caption contributed by Evan Waters

It occurs to me that this film has a certain subtext.

Marina runs back, Snails and Ridley in tow, just in time to see the Old Sage captured by Damodar and his garishly dressed henchmen, known as the Crimson Guard. Damodar wants the scroll, but the Old Mage refuses it, and magics it across the room into Marina’s hands. Damodar snaps the guy’s neck—by which I mean he squeezes his shoulder fairly hard—and it’s goodbye Old Sage whose name I never bothered to learn.

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Multi-Part Article: Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

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