Dune (1984) (part 7 of 11)

Paul and Jessica are put on a helicopter to be taken to the desert, and Jessica sees that Yueh snuck a package of stillsuits onto the helicopter. One of the Harkonnen men guarding them prepares to rape Jessica, because, see, they’re the bad guys.

Paul uses the super Voice, but it doesn’t work, probably because the lame sound effect simply renders him incomprehensible. But then Jessica is ungagged and uses the Voice to get one guard to kill the other. And this time, there’s a lengthy echo effect added to her using the Voice, for the only time in the movie. They’re doing it on purpose now, aren’t they?

Jessica then makes the first guard cut Paul free, and Paul does a total ‘60s TV kick to take the guy out. Paul struggles to land the helicopter safely, and it’s really remarkable how little energy there is to this action. It’s like Lynch was taking notes from Coleman Francis.

Caption contributed by Ryan

Holy lousy choreography!

Back to the Baron, and completely out of nowhere, he freaks out about Leto’s ring being missing. Piter then wastes our time with more freaky gestures, while Leto seems to have suddenly remembered about the tooth. How the hell he forgot about it in these circumstances, I have no idea.

Leto starts crying, and the Baron responds with, “He’s crying! What does that mean, Piter?” Oh god, they’re actually going with the idea that he’s so evil he can’t comprehend emotions, despite being a very emotional person indeed. This is Silver Age comic book stuff; the book may have been written during the same period of time, but it actually treated its readers like they had some intelligence.

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Multi-Part Article: Dune (1984)

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