Dune (1984) (part 6 of 11)

There’s a random montage of people running around, before a dead Harkonnen agent is found. So apparently this subplot has now been changed to just a random Harkonnen attempt to kill Paul, making the whole thing complete filler, and the part about people suspecting Jessica is dropped entirely. It’s like the movie just keeps inventing new ways to piss off the fans.

Hawat meets with Leto, Paul, and a group of other men, where he says a bunch of gibberish into a strobe light machine, and major kudos to Freddie Jones for not flinching at all with this thing going off right in his face. After this, he explains to everyone (who you’d think would know all this already) that he’s just upgraded the security in the house, and put the city under martial law. Not that any of this will amount to anything, so it’s just more wasted time.

Dune (1984) (part 6 of 11)

We briefly check in with the Baron’s fleet, as he just sits around doing nothing while the music tries again to convince us of how epic this all is. It’s a fat guy sitting on his ass, people! No amount of bombastic guitar will change that.

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Feel the grandness!

Back to Arrakis, with random shots of Yueh, Mapes, and Leto just walking around. Well, at least the music’s died down. Paul calls out for Leto in his sleep, while Leto just keeps walking, and for no particular reason Leto thinks all about Jessica, and how he should have married her, not that we saw anything to suggest they weren’t already married. So all this monologue does is ensure it’s no surprise to anyone that Leto isn’t long for this world. God forbid there be any kind of shock or suspense in this movie.

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Multi-Part Article: Dune (1984)

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