Dune (1984) (part 4 of 11)

Piter is here to deliver the message we saw Leto sealing, assuming that brief scene actually registered in your mind as you struggled to comprehend everything else that was going on at the time. The message is a refusal to meet with the Baron to discuss terms, and a response to a token peace offering the Baron made in the ancient revenge ritual of “kanly”, meaning the Harkonnens can now legally make their move against the Atreides.

The script actually does make an effort to get all this across to the newbies, but unfortunately Kenneth McMillan’s mush-mouthed delivery means they’re still likely to be lost, even if they aren’t too repulsed by his appearance to listen at all.

The Baron’s two nephews are called in: Rabban (Paul Smith) and Feyd-Rautha. The latter is the character played by Sting that we saw earlier, in an obvious piece of stunt casting to get Police fans to see the movie. It ended up backfiring horribly when the band broke up shortly before the film’s release. Though Sting does still contribute one memorable scene, as we’ll see soon enough.

Caption contributed by Ryan

“Don’t stand so close to me, Bob.”

Piter goes through another odd bit of exposition that’s mostly about things we already know, namely the Emperor’s part in their plan. And Dourif’s delivery is just as deadpan as before, but he makes up for it with his bizarre hand gestures. Though, if he starts drawing numbers in the air, I’m leaving.

Dune (1984) (part 4 of 11)

We get a couple of pointless gross bits of Rabban squeezing some little animal and drinking its blood, and also the moment with the Baron’s doctor I mentioned before. The Baron is then distracted when a young man is brought in, escorted by guards, all of them with reverse mohawks. Honestly, did anyone on this set ever dare to just ask “Why?”

Dune (1984) (part 4 of 11)
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Multi-Part Article: Dune (1984)

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