Dumb Fundie Says Laverne Cox Is Part Of Satan’s Plan To Promote Transgender Rights

Dumb Fundie Says Laverne Cox Is Part Of Satan's Plan To Promote Transgender Rights

Laverne Cox is a wonderful role model for young people, especially young people who identify as transgender individuals. But also, Laverne is an agent of Satan! Did you know? Were you aware? No? Well, here comes Linda Harvey, a radio lady and Christian person, to tell you all about it!

“I think America is quickly moving into chaotic territory where we are blessing and approving behaviors that so completely defy reality and the will of God that the consequences will be devastating, especially to kids,” she said.

“If Satan were to devise a strategy to confuse and undermine the moral base of America, he could not have chosen a better vehicle than pushing gender confusion, which is just the latest offshoot of the homosexual movement.”



You know, when even Pat Robertson probably wouldn’t agree with you, you are batshit and full of hate. Let’s learn more about our new best friend, Linda Harvey. Let’s visit her website! Ohhh, she’s not a journalist, she does a “media ministry.” Got it.

In 1995, she founded Mission:America, a non-profit organization whose objective is to equip Christians with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences. As editor of the organization’s quarterly newsletter, Choice 4 Truth, and three companion web sites, Mrs. Harvey is in regular contact with national Christian leaders dealing with headline-making issues.

Um, and she used to be an advertising executive.

So she’s a publicity-addicted hatemongering lie-seller? Hmmm…sounds like this other creature we’ve heard of…now who could it be…somebody big…somebody important…somebody powerful and influential…could it be…SATAN?!
Satanist Monument
Somebody please give Linda Harvey a Christian side hug and let her know that it’s okay to have love in your heart. Haha, j/k, ignore her for the rest of eternity!

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  • justamakanik

    I tried the Linda Harvey site…. my virus software said you may not go there and shut it down? What is it Linda is hiding in her virus/malware infested site I wonder. Now back to the article.

    • peteywheats


  • James Donnaught

    “I think America is quickly moving into chaotic territory where we are blessing and approving behaviors that so completely defy reality”Coming from a fundie, that’s pretty fuckin’ funny.

  • peteywheats

    “current, accurate information”** As according to her ancient, inaccurate religious faith.

  • “The devil made me buy this dress!”

  • Enfant Terrible

    “No one hates like a Christian when he’s told it’s not Christian to hate.”– John Fugelsang

  • unclejeems

    I’ve always thought talking to an imaginary sky-god with three personalities and then pretending to drink the blood of one of them (but not all three?) after listening to a three-hour rant by an ignorant egomaniac, in a giant auditorium filled with other people, many of whom pretend to speak a foreign language that nobody else understands, were perfectly blessed and approved behaviors. Eh?

  • geobill

    Haha! I’d nearly forgotten the Christian side-hug! “I’m a rough rider // Filled up with Christ-love!” Wow. Such hip. So chastity. Wow.