RAW FEED: Drawing ‘They Live’

Creating A New Title Card #3

In this installment of Creating A New Title Card, David takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a brand-new hand-drawn title card illustration for the third episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, a look at John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi thriller They Live, which was originally produced in 2011.

The DVD Shelf Presents Creating A New Title Card is an ongoing project that takes the original title card artwork from almost every back-catalog episode within the ever-growing DVD Shelf Universe and gives them a drastic and much-needed face-lift. You can find the actual review video right here: http://happydragonpictures.com/the-dvd-shelf-movie-reviews-uhf

This finished illustration is available as a digital download exclusively for supporters of our Patreon campaign. Become a patron today to grab your own copy of this new artwork, plus the original version, along with plenty of other bonus content: https://patreon.com/happydragonpictures

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