RAW FEED: Don't Speak Now, Just Hold Your Peace

A message for People Who Think Objecting At Weddings Is Hilarious.

Newsflash: best case scenario you get fined. Worst case you get sued AND you go to jail.

Now who’s laughing, hm?

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  • Joel Kazoo

    Did not realize this was a thing. Around where I’m from, it’s usually the officiant just asking each person if they’re there of their own free will and have not been coerced into the marriage and wish to go through with it. Then they pause for a second, declare “Seeing as there are no objections…” and just go on with the ceremony. This whole “Let them speak now…” thing is glossed over. This might be a variation state-by-state, tho. (They don’t do it in civil ceremonies in Minnesota, but still do it at some religious ceremonies.) But I guess I was raised to understand that weddings were about the 2 people getting married, not about anyone else.