Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass, Grifty Los Angeles NAACP Head

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass, Grifty Los Angeles NAACP Head


Last weekend you might have wondered, “why, pray tell, had the L.A. NAACP recognized ‘humanitarian’ Clippers owner Donald Sterling even as he was being sued for racial discrimination against people of color?”

Yesterday, Buzzfeed gave us the answer, in the form of HOLY SHIT THIS GRIFTY LOCAL NAACP PRESIDENT.


L.A. NAACP president-now-resigned Leon Jenkins’s first explanation for why Donald Sterling, Bad Human, was getting humanitarian awards from the NAACP, was that Sterling gives thousands of tickets to Clippers games to city kids. This left many Angelenos scratching their noggins, as “giving away something, ie Clippers tickets, that you couldn’t sell anyway for love or money” is not usually “humanitarian” so much as “eh, fuck it.” It is like donating penicillin baguettes to a food bank. That’s a guy Sarah Palin could learn a trick from.

Well, now, following the teeny-tiniest of revelations, L.A. NAACP president-now-resigned Leon Jenkins is dead, fallen on his samurai sword or hari kiri dagger or what have you, and good the fuck riddance.

Give us the highlights, Buzzfeed, following and expanding on this LA Times article, which followed and expanded on our friends at Deadline Detroit.

Count One: LA NAACP president-now-resigned Leon Jenkins is

a former Michigan state judge who was defrocked for taking bribes from the bench and bringing “grave dishonor” upon the judiciary. Jenkins was also barred from practicing law in Michigan and California. Just this month, California rebuffed his appeal to return to practicing law. […]

Jenkins, a former district court judge in Detroit, was indicted [but acquitted] in 1988 in federal court for bribery, racketeering, mail fraud, extortion, and conspiracy.

Oh, that is sort of bad, we guess. Buzzfeed also looked into — or attempted to — the L.A. NAACP’s tax data, which is supposed to be public but doesn’t seem to exist.

Charge the Second: LA NAACP president-now-resigned Leon Jenkins lies about grifting CONSTANTLY.

Most recently, in a decision handed down April 9, two judges of the State Bar of California found that “Jenkins still has not established the requisite rehabilitation and moral fitness to resume the practice of law.” They based that decision on evidence that Jenkins had repeatedly misrepresented his financial affairs, willfully failing to disclose an unpaid $25,000 loan from [Leland] Spencer, understating his income, and concealing assets from his wife during divorce proceedings.

In addition, California state bar records show, Jenkins failed to disclose $660,000 he owed to former clients in a civil suit he handled, misrepresented his income on a rental application, and was convicted in 2008 for reckless driving involving alcohol.

Court records show Jenkins making $30,000 in 2009, and he described himself to the California bar “as a self-employed management consultant.”

Count Another One: LA NAACP president-now-resigned is pretty much always giving NAACP awards to people who give him money, like this dude:

Still scheduled to be honored at the event with the Humanitarian Award, is Leland Spencer, owner of the restaurants that employ Jenkins and provider of the unpaid $25,000 loan mentioned in the California State Bar review.

A person might deduce from these evidences that it seems awfully likely Donald Sterling might have given Leon Jenkins more than just a bunch of Clippers tickets and a $5 thousand donation for his humanitarian award and lifetime achievement award and general whitewashing. It would be wrong to assume that, somehow, ethically, we guess. So we won’t.


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