Why don’t we get drunk & screw up American history


Cheers to Drunk History, which already got Comedy Central to commit to a third season.

Drunk History is to the History Channel what The Daily Show is to Fox News: funnier and more accurate. The show started life as a Funny or Die web series, then migrated to cable. Kudos to Comedy Central for recognizing (and rescuing) true talent on (and from) the web.


Here, check out Drunk History’s Sundance Award-Winning (yes, really) short “Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln” starring Don Cheadle and Will Ferrell.

Like Nathan for You, Drunk History is less than a month into its second season but is already greenlighted for another go in 2015. Why the quick decision? Well, episodes 1-4 of the current season were up 17% in total viewers over Season 1 (up 26% in the demo).

Each episode draws about 1 million viewers.

Creators: Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner

Comedy Central > MTV Networks > Viacom > National Amusements

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