Donald Trump cries RACISM! over "black-ish"

Donald Trump is playing the race card. The white race card. As in, help, help, white people are being oppressed!

Yes, the scales of social justice are being tipped unfairly against white people, in Trump’s opinion, because, in his words:

How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled “Blackish”? Can you imagine the furor of a show, “Whiteish”! Racism at highest level?

First… “Highest level?” Bigger than, say, genocide? Or slavery? Hey, at least Trump put a nice “?” at the end so he can say, “I wasn’t saying it was the highest level, just raising the question.” The laziest defense of the race-baiting demagogue—which you are, Mr. Trump.


At a time when unarmed African-Americans are getting gunned down police in Missouri and elsewhere on a fairly regular basis, if not getting to name a TV show after your race is the “highest level” of racism you can come up with for your people, you should just shut the hell up.

Second… Allowed? It’s clear what authority he’s appealing to—the FCC? the PC police?—but won’t somebody come put these uppity black people back in their place.

Those darn black people with their special status and extra rights that the white man simply doesn’t have! It’s unfair, I tell you! Except… it’s unclear exactly what Trump’s grievance here is. Does he WANT to produce a show called white-ish? Nah. He just doesn’t like knowing that he can’t. No one is supposed to be able to say no to rich white people, dammit.

Of course, there’s no law against creating a white-ish TV show. It’s just that the public wouldn’t like it, wouldn’t watch it, and it would fail. That’s called the free market, and I’m pretty sure Republican douchebags like Donald Trump are supposed to be for it.

Sadly for Trump—but lucky for TV viewers—ABC has just expanded its order of black-ish from a half to a full season. It’ll run a full 22-episodes through the fall and spring. black-ish has held its Modern Family lead-in better than any other freshman sitcom has, attracting 8.3 million overall viewers this week—a phenomenal number for any sitcom, much less a newcomer.

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