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It’s time for some more New Who here on Stuff You Like, and where better to start than with the Ninth Doctor’s first companion? Was she really a teen pop star? Why is everything super-fast in the first episode? Do all British mothers behave like Jackie Tyler? Some of these questions and more answered as we take a look at Rose Marian Tyler!

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  • Moppet

    I always liked ROse. I’ve seen so many people that run shows like yours, or, unlike yours, that didn’t like Rose that you have no idea, or maybe you do, just how nice it is to see someone say nice things about the character. Every time someone points out that she blew off her boyfriend to go with the Doctor, I point out that he went to watch a game rather than make sure she was okay. I get blown off when I mention that. People seem to willing to hold every one of her character flaws against her, but miss how any flaws she had were there for a reason. How the flaws were used. Why they existed. What the show did with those flaws. How she grew. Where she went.

    Thank you for this episode.

    • drumstick00m

      I think it is more that people are upset that when she blows off Micky, it leads to him being racially profiled as her killer, and she (or rather the show) does not seem to acknowledge this, or at least make as big of a point to apologize as she should (that we see anyway).

      I still liked Rose. I liked Martha a lot too. Martha deserved better treatment from the Doctor, in fact most of the companions the Doctor has had since Rose did, especially Martha though. Did we ever see him take her anywhere cool in outer space besides New New New York?

      • The_Stig

        I used to refer to Mickey as “Mickey the Git” and would make fun of the face he made when he got angry that looked like he was smelling a fart. Once Rose dumped him, he became likeable and even kind of badass.

        Funny. I thought every Rose Tyler episode was a tribute to Rose Tyler.

      • Moppet

        I never really thought of that as something that could be blamed on Rose herself. She did go with the Doctor, but under the usual premise of the box, being a time machine, and that they’d be back in little time – no one would miss her. It’s not her fault the machine didn’t return to the right time frame. It’s not her fault the Doctor neglected to explain that the box often fails to show up at the time intended. It’s not her fault the profilers were racist (that’s what I view racial profiling as). It’s not her fault people jumped to the wrong conclusions. It’s not even her fault that Mickey didn’t properly explain that she’d gone off with a strange man on a whim, while leaving out the obvious details that would make him appear crazy.

        I really don’t see what she has to apologize for here. I never have. I’ve heard every explanation under the sun for why people think she should be apologizing to him, but I’ve yet to agree with a single one of them.

        Really the only thing she didn’t do, fully, that she might have done to be nice is sympathize with his plight. Which is a very different thing than apologizing. However, her dismissive nature of him isn’t really any more extreme than his own, “I’d rather go watch a game than be there for you when you need me.” All this tells me is that they both needed to grow as characters, form where they started, and they both did.

        • Jill Bearup

          I don’t understand why people blame that on Rose when it’s clearly the Doctor’s fault. “Whoops! 12 months not 12 hours! Oh well!” But Nine doesn’t do domestic. One of his flaws, perhaps. 🙂

  • maarvarq

    Jill, you made a very good case, and yet I was still happy to see the back of her.