VIDEO: The Ninth Doctor: a tribute

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How do you introduce a whole new generation to your long-running sci-fi show? Ursa takes a look at Nu-Who’s first Doctor, his first story arc, and why some companions just don’t cut it.

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  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    the two parter with the silent child is my fave too just like 9 is my fave

  • spiff2268

    Although I’ve loved every Doctor so far in the new series, I’ve always been rather bummed that Christopher Eccleston was only around for one season.

  • $36060516

    Fortuitous timing. Diamanda Hagan just released a scathing review of Eccleston’s performance as The Doctor a few days ago. I side with you on that one.

    Have you seen the TV miniseries “The Second Coming” which is where Russell T. Davies first worked with Christopher Eccleston? People say that Davies made The Doctor into a Christlike figure, and that miniseries played with those themes on the surface rather than as subtext.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Jill, only you could get me to watch something regarding Legally Blonde. 🙂

    In regards to Eccleston’s run as The Doctor, I loved the hell out of it. He is my favorite new Doctor and regardless of what Hagen says I think he did a brilliant job. Yes, it is true that Christopher’s Doctor seemed more working class than upper class, but I don’t mind the change all that much. Chalk his behavior up to the fallout from killing billions of his own people then move on, I say.

    • Jerry Nava

      You’d be surprised about the quality of that movie, Thomas xD

  • Jerry Nava

    Eccleston was my favorite D: I wish he’d stayed for longer than one seson, but oh well. He was also my first introduction to the show, not the first Doctor I saw, but the first I saw a full episode of, I also love the dynamic he has with the companions, he really needs them around and it shows.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor and – yes, he is awesome, he is great, he can be fun but then turn and be menacing, he can be arrogant and then sympathico… it’s really sad, that he just stayed on board for one season.

    That said: My Favourite Doctor is Matt Smith. ^^

  • Muthsarah

    Yeah, my first Doctor, and my favorite. Is that…so common that it’s expected?

    Tennett is fun enough, but…well…he seems to play along with the silliness of the lesser Who episodes, whereas Eccleston was always a counter-balance to the show’s weaker moments. Farting aliens causing you trouble? Ninth Doctor is still intense, confident, and looks like he’s ready to kick-ass (even though he’s still mostly a pacifist). Annoying “companion” messing things up? Ninth Doctor’s gonna grab him by the scruff of his neck and throw him into yesterday’s yesterday, never to be seen again.

    In other words, even when the show wasn’t having a good week, Eccleston’s Doctor was always able to make up for it. Tennett’s just couldn’t grab the screen in the same way, distract from the not-so-good; he’d just stand there, look kinda-intense (or just tweaking on caffeine), and let things play out, adding maybe another silly speech to an already silly episode. He’s a good Doctor for a good episode, though. But Nine was more versatile. And earthy. Ironically, of course. Overall, I can see see Nine doing Ten stuff well more easily than the obverse.

  • Great video! Eccleston was my first Doctor as well, like he was for most people of this generation. I really like him a lot, like you said there’s a lot of laughter and goofiness to him and there’s not so much overdramatic-ness as with Tennant and Smith.