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Sofie finally reviews something Doctor Who-related, and it’s “Love & Monsters”, the first bad episode of the current run of the show that started in 2005. As a cost-cutting move, the Doctor and Rose barely appear in this episode, and instead we focus on an ordinary guy who’s obsessed with the Doctor, and joins a group of like-minded people trying to find him. Alas, all he finds is a grotesque comedy relief alien designed by a nine year old. But on the plus side, he does end up with a girlfriend he can take for granite.

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  • Concerned

    Reminds me of another piece on this terrible episode someone else did before.
    However, I’m not complaining here. I think your accent seduces me to your work. :-p

    • Sofie Liv

      As stated in my video.
      I don’t believe the episode is all bad, there’s good even great ideas in it, good scenes.
      It’s just all ruined by the inconsistency and incompatibility.

      They honestly tried, no one half assed any-thing in the episode, they just hadn’t thought it through..
      Thanks for the link, i’m actually reading that article.

      Oh, well. Glad you like the accent 🙂

      • BigDamnHero

        The most unfortunate thing about this episode is How Good It Could Have Been, honestly. The heartwarming cast of lonely people, their growth, Jackie’s growth, seeing the world of Doctor Who through the eyes of normals, all great.

        But when they bring in that contrived comedy and inconsistent tone, mathematically the episode’s quality receives the equivalent of being multiplied by a negative 1. Everything that made it great instead works to make it terrible.

        Without the good parts this episode would have been better, honestly: a piece of New Who that was clumsily-executed and forgotten. Instead, Love and Monsters.

        Your review was great, though. I’m looking forward to whatever’s next.

        • Sofie Liv

          Yeah.. trying to sell DEATHS as comedy, but without going all the way and make it camped like a monthy Python sketchs.
          It’s just left being horrible.

          They should have picked a tone, either fun or very tragic, you cannot have both in those last five minutes.

          I honestly think it’s a problem with RTD as a writer in general, the man has good ideas, even great ideas, and he is not afraid of trying new things, which is always lovely, there’s passion and caring here.
          But he is so inconsistent! within the episodes even, it likes he goes from a to b in a big zigzag line, he seriously needs to focus and be more straight in his writing.
          And, trying to injuice comedy in the middle of the scenes to spies things up is an unfortunate habbit of his.

          You could have chosen to make the slitheen genuinely scary. But he chose comedy.
          What the hell were those cactus people even doing in “The end of time” does any-one even remember?

          Oh well, I shouldn’t complain to much. Moffat is afterall the one steering the show now.
          And man, the only reason he can pull off all that shit that he does, is cause he is so focused, knows exactly where he is going, and goes there in a straight line.

          That riversong story line would have fallen to pieces in any other persons hand.
          He managed, because he knew all along whom she was, where she was coming from, what her history was, and how it was going to be revealed. And very carefully said and revealed exactly what needed to be said, without any exstra filling, comedy or anything.

          • MephLord

            It’s hard to believe that episode is already six years old (since the initial release date is 2006). It seems that David Tenet single-handedly revived the franchise, bringing it to a greater audience than any other Doctor that I can remember. And a villain that devours enemies and forces them to survive a process like that should never be done as comedy, that’s bloody horrific! I was feeling nauseated watching that part of the recap I can’t imagine what watching the episode must’ve been like. As for the commentary on loneliness, I think it’s really true that in today’s society there isn’t that companionship at all, that disconnect is easy to relate to since most are willing to let things go than mend relationships, it’s a social commentary that is worth looking into.

          • Sofie Liv

            Watching the episode for the first time around five years ago indeed did leave me with quite a long face.
            I just didn’t know what to think! Part of me liked the episode for those great themes and ideas. But I felt nauseated and sick in my stomach, not yet having the ability to analyze me through till why I felt like that.

            Yeah.. I see Lonely people all around. I meet people whom is over-joyed to talk to me at any place I go to.
            Usually when I am in a waiting room I like to pick up converstions instead of a magazin, and I have yet to try where it ended in disaster.
            Also know so many elder people saying. “Please come over some-time, just call.”
            And now when I moved away from my mom.. Jackies scene became a hell of a lot stronger to me.
            For every-time I see my own mom, I get a bit worried about her being left alone at home with nothing to do, and the way she talks to me and wants to invite me over and do stuff for me. Clearly she is lonely.
            I’m going to bring her some muffins today :3

          • Annie

            Why should it have to be camp? Who says it was supposed to be funny?

          • Sofie Liv

            I LIKE camp. So it’s not a bad thing.
            I adore the over-all campness of doctor who in genneral, but here it doesn’t work because of the inconsitent tones.

            And “it supposed to be funny.” comes from the jokes constantly thrown in your face, the music score being up-beat. Death of characters glossed over and never adressed.
            Head stuck in a brick pointed at as. “Haha, fun.”

            Watch the episode and make up your own mind.
            And as stated, there’s good in this episode, there’s even brilliance in the episode. But sadly, the last part was so uncomfortable it ruined the good. in MY opinion.


          •  Here’s the big problem with Davies: he’s unable to take science fiction seriously as a genre. He’s very good at coming up with wonderful characters and concepts, and very bad at the execution. The Slitheen were a perfect example of this. They could have been something really cool, interesting and menacing, but then they began farting.

          • Sofie Liv

            i kind of disagree, I believe he takes sciences fiction very seriously and all he wrote in Doctor who very seriously.

            Yeah I agree the Slitheen is a missed opportunity, but honestly I do believe the biggest problem at that time were Russel T Davies not knowing how to be funny and were left to force humour in there in what-ever crude way that he could.

            Have you ever noticed that when-ever he writes it straight (Midnight express, turn left, waters of mars.) It’s genuinely really good, even in this episode and other episodes, it’s the scenes that is playing straight that are good, it’s when-ever he tries to be funny he actually down-right fails. So yeah, he has a need to be funny but doesn’t know how to do it, and unfortunately his writing suffers a great deal from it :/

            Forced humour is I am afraid, the worst kind of humour, it needs to arrive natural from the situations and characters, the doctor saying. “where’s my fezz?” is funny, cause he would say some-thing like that. The doctor saying. “Go ahead, absorb him.” is not because A; it’s not a funny line B; it’s out of character for the doctor to say any-thing like that.

        • Arakasi

          Just about every scene in Love and Monsters that does not involve the Abzorbaloff actually does work (the big exception, of course, being the last scene). There are about 20-25 minutes of a really good episode here. If they had just gone for the creepy rather than the comedy, this could have been one of the greats. As it was, we had this steaming heap

          • Sofie Liv

            yeah, the last five minutes were kind of the big deal breaker.

    •  You only say that because you haven’t heard my sexy accent. 😉

  • I like that you can take on any kind of topic/movie/show you want xD, good job with the review!

    I can’t help but to think this episode is meant as some sort of cruel jab at the fans. Like they’re saying “if you become too obsessed with Dr. Who THIS will happen to you” or something similar.

    Even as someone who hasn’t watched more than a couple of episodes (And most of them watched IN reviews), I feel like I’m being insulted by that ending with the girl trapped in the concrete x_x.

    • Sofie Liv

      I like that I can take on any topic I want :3
      I must admit I enjoy myself more when I talk about stuff I actually care about, all though I do take on the occasional mainstream movie, you know, we want to please the masses.

      Njah.. I don’t think it was meant like that. Russel T Davies was very earnest in his themes, Elton even has this kind of cool ending monologue saying.
      “People tells you life if just growing up, get married, get kids, get old, die and that’s that. But truthfully life is so much bigger, crazy and madder than that.”
      Is he right? YEAS! life is a bunch of mad situations for sure.. what has it to do with the episode? Urhm… I don’t know, seems incompatible.
      The episode is about how the doctor brought a group of people together, gave them a great experience in life, then turning the experience horrible. All without never having any-thing to do with any of them. Yet it is his in-direct presence responsible for all of this. That was the main idea, and… honestly. That is a very good idea. But it’s handled sooooo badly.

      I am so serious when I say I would prefer death over that faith.
      Cause… that is just not living. There’s no dignity left.

  • Annie

    For one thing, it wasn’t a cost cutting move, it was because David Tennant and Billie Piper were filming other episodes, and they had been inspired by episodes of Buffy and Star Trek that showcased non-regulars to see how they would deal with what the Doctor deals with day to day. It didn’t have anything to do with the budget.

    I don’t see how this or any other episode that is Doctor-light is “bad”. It’s just different.

    • Sofie Liv

      I did say that! I did it was “for saving time so they could shoot two episodes at ones.”

      I even said that strategy gave us two GREAT episodes, namely “turn left.” and the even better one “Blink.”

      And I like doctor who! this was simply a miss-step, which is to be expected of a show so freely doing so many different things.
      Which is okay! Forgiven, I still love Doctor who! they returned next week with a better episode, no harm done no problem.

      • Annie

        I mean the first thing towards whoever wrote the video synopsis, just so you know.

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh… That’s all right then.

          Albert writes all the description text’s to all of the videos posted on this site.
          You can’t really expect him to have a before-hand knowledge to all posted on the site.
          I know he is a trekkie.. but I don’t know if he has ever seen as much as one doctor who episode.
          Which is okay. It’s a minor mistake on his part, hope you can forgive us.

          But I still think it’s a bad episode, I think I presented my case and the points of my opinions in the video.

          • Annie

            I disagree, but I think I’m allowed.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeas you are 🙂

          • Michael A. Novelli

            Isn’t Moffat the guy who would go one to create Bonekickers?

          • cjjc

            No, he isn’t.

          • Sofie Liv

            No, he went on to write an extremely good mini series simply titled “Jekyll.” which is the best “Jekyll and Hyde in modern day” adaptation I have ever seen! and I’ve seen a couple. It’s the only good on, but man is it good. It’s like all the other versions saved the goodiness for this single adaptation. KARMA!

            Then he is behind the extremely popular and really freaking great series simply titled. “Sherlock.”
            Which has collected a very large and devoted fan-base on its own, which it should, cause it’s the best freaking thing ever.

            Then he was picked up by Steven Spielberg and was head-writer of the big “Tintin” movie that was released last year.. which is also a very good funny movie. (I actually recognise the moffat in it, he never waste time in his stories, stuff just happens.)

            And right now he is still head writer of doctor who, and was for the last two seasons, which are two seasons largely (and I am with people on that one.) considered the strongest best seasons thus far…

            I imagine he is busy writing Sherlock and Doctor who right now.

            Case of point.. he is a freaking amazing television writers, one of the best at current time. And you can count me a very devoted fan.

          • Michael A. Novelli

            Ah. ‘Cause I know it was a former Doctor Who writer. The one who came up with the spaceship powered by love, if memory serves…

          • Sofie Liv

            Just looked up Bonekickers.
            Yeah, it’s written and developed by a man whom also wrote two doctor who episodes. or rather one stand-alone episode and two-parter.
            Neither episode that stand-outish, but decent ones.

            Doctor who is written by multiple people you know, some times they even bring celeb names in.

            Neil Gaiman, acclaimed fantasy novelist wrote an episode.
            And Richard Curtis, acclaimed movie writer of several highly popular movies came by to write an episode.

            If we skip waaaaay back in time to classic Doctor who. Douglas Addams, author of “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.” also came by to write a story or two in the seventies 😀

          • Annie

            A couple of the Hitchhikers books, and the Dirk Gently novels were based on his rejected Who scripts XD

          • Sofie Liv

            What makes me the most happy is that some-how the fourth Doctor managed to get a copy of Hitchikers guide to the galaxy he could read while being stuck under some rubble..
            Only to exclaim. “No no! That’s completely wrong!”

            Why would the doctor ever need to read earth sci-fi novels? Why does he have that book in his pocket? where did it come from?

            … questions that will never be answered..

          • Annie

            Hey, he reads Harry Potter! And Agatha Christie!

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah, But J.K. Rowling didn’t produce that episode.

            Something is fishy about that hitchikers book in Tom Bakers pocket. in a Douglas Addams episode!

          • Annie

            Just went gack and rewatched that ep. It wasnt the novel he was reading, but the actual guide.

          • Annie

            Though, I truly dislike Russell T Davies’ writing in general. I feel like Moffat coming on board as head of the show has revived it a lot better.

          • Sofie Liv

            Russel T wrote this episode..
            So.. if you don’t like his writing, isn’t that a fair point of why you don’t like this episode?

            Honestly, I see both good and bad in his writing, like this episode. It has great highs and lows beneath the floor.. which is quite incredible in its inconsistency. He is not “Just bad.” he is… erh.. I don’t know.

            One big thing I will say for him. Without Russel T Davies.. NO doctor who.
            I like Doctor who, I love doctor who, I was introduced to it via the RTD era.. and the show is still living and is one of the current most popular shows with a very large and devoted fan-base, whom stuck with it through-out the entire RTD era, so he must have done some-thing right.

            I do honestly by far prefer the Moffat run though.. I think he wrote the strongest stand-alone episodes in the RTD era, I think his two seasons are better than any RTD season. My absolute favourite season thus far is season 5, the one ending with Pandorica opens.

            But, afar of me thinking it’s stronger, more structured and focused in general. It also just falls into a category of entertain I oh so adore.

            RTD’s run was mostly based on “Techno sci-fi.” and that’s the feel of it. Which is fine, it’s just not what I like.
            Moffat.. he writes fairy-tales, he writes by fairy-tale rules and his episodes mostly feel like gothic, operatic fairy tales.. from his operatic fantastic structure to his themes of applying the supernatural to every-day things. (statues, shadows.. cracks in the wall.) to his characters (girl who waited, the lone centurion. The whom knew all about him but he knew nothing of her.)
            I LOVE THAT! so few people does that, and it’s what I love the most.
            Only one hollywood director does that. “Guilmore Del-toro.” and I love his movies to.

            … sorry for the rant. But I really like this show :3
            And I really like fairy-tales told in a good way.
            Not just using recognisable folk-lore figures to stuff them in a modern body cop Shrek kind of plot (that is not fairy-tale, that is parody.)

          • cjjc

            Don’t negotiate with a Love & Monsters fan, it never goes well.

          • Sofie Liv

            Never argue with hard-core fans of any-thing…
            But.. as I am now making videos on this site, that is kind of bound to happen.

            Again, there’s good in the episode. so why would I mind people liking it?
            I just think the last five minutes are extremely unpleasant to watch and not in a good way.

          • Annie

            Well, there’s exceptions to every rule?

            I take it you’re not a fan of Once Upon a Time?

          • Sofie Liv

            I haven’t checked it out. So I wouldn’t know.

            I can tell I was in cinema watching “mirror mirror.” and I Hated it, with capital “H”

            The television show “Grimm” is sort of funny to me as two of my friends really liked that show and pinned me down convinced this was exactly the sort of thing that I liked.. fairy-tale themes and all that.
            But.. the show was fine I suppose, yet it bored me endlessly, again, all I see is the writers using recognisable folk-tale lores and stuff them into regular “Crime-show.” plot.

            So it’s not fairy-tales, it’s crime stories. The structure on those two things are completely different.

            The only tely show ever handing me fairytale, structured, told and delivered as fairy-tales.. Is moffats Doctor who.

            Sherlock even have a little stroke of it, just look at all Moriatys monologuing about devils, angels and villains in the latest episode X)

            It just leads to simpler yet bigger structures and plots, where you go from scene to scene with a purpose for the over-all operatic story. and I like that a lot.

          • Annie

            Yeah, I agree. Grimm…annoys me. Greatly! I think you’d like OUAT, though.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    I think the nine year old in question must have been a huge fan of Nothing But Trouble, since the bad guy looks just like one of the henchmen from it…

    • Sofie Liv

      The nine year old was actually highly dissapointed in how he turned out as the kid had envisioned his monster the sieze of two doubler decker buss’s…

      I like that kids imagination.

  • Sardu

    Sophie, I just want to say that I would have a sex change so I could have your babies. That’s not creepy, is it? Maybe a little creepy I guess. Not too bad. But I guess you’d have to have one too, THAT’S pretty creepy… OK, forget the whole thing.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well having a sex change so I can have a sex change so you can get some cock from a freak of nature (I assume you are straight, not because I have any-thing against gays, but 90 percent of the world are still very simply straight, and we should respect that.)
      I call that a pretty damn big sacrifice, I’ll be happy to pass along the pains of childbirth to some-one else.

      I take that as a compliment XD
      And the concept to an extremely convoluted weird comedy movie….

      And btw, I really am spelled. “Sofie.” with an “F” that is the danish way of spelling it. It’s not just an attempt on fancy literacy, it is what my birth certificate says. And man is it fun screwing around with English languet people when that comes up.
      Germans can’t handle it either, they want me to be a “Sofia.” and the French, it’s “Sophy.”

      • Sardu

        I’m so sorry- I knew that but typed it the way I was used to and couldn’t change it. Love your stuff, keep it coming!

        • Sofie Liv

          It’s all right. as I said, it’s how I screw around with every-body who isn’t Danish X)

  • I hope at some point the Matt Smith Doctor realized what a stupid thing the previous Doctor did, and went back to the granite block girl and found some way to cure her. Good grief, eternal life like THAT seems like a level of hell Dante couldnt even dream of.

    • Sofie Liv

      If the eleventh doctor had to go back and fix every stupid thing his prior incarnations had done.. there wouldn’t be much of a show..

      I actually personally hope that he will go back and get Riversong out of that computer.
      I’m sorry, I know the episode tries tell sell them being stuck in that computer as a happy ending at all, but after having stopped and thought about it.. no, I don’t consider that an happy ending. There’s a reason why they were yelling to Donna. “You need to escape from here!”

      • SuperAshBro

        Hmm, there could be a logical explanation why the 11th Doctor* wanted to keep River alive in the computer. The library episodes are called “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” – re-watching them after seeing what happens in series 5 & 6 makes me wonder if they weren’t clues to what Steven Moffet had in store for the show (I’d have to get back to you after I’ve worked out my crazy theories).

        All in all, good review. Funnily enough, this was the very first Doctor Who episode I ever watched, and it barely had the Doctor in it! I guess it was the mystery surrounding him and the TARDIS through ‘Love & Monsters’ that made me want to carry on watching – now it’s one of my all time favourite television shows. In an even bigger twist, this is the first video review of your’s I’ve seen, but certainly not the last ^^.

        • Sofie Liv

          I don’t know what the hell will happen next with Riversong.
          I will say for Steven Moffat, he is a master of creating the cliffhangers, getting out of them again very quickly in a way no-body ever expected, and then we just goes a long with it cause.. the episode is probably pretty god damn busy with the story, we never ever stick around and linger much with anything.

          Take the ending of “Pandorica opens.” big dramatic, what you would expect from the that kind of follow up is a lingering around, trying to collect the pieces and make it fit. What do we get.. The Doctor appearing out of absolutely no-where in a fezz while holding a mob, and then we skip back to present time so we can move along with the fun action.
          Wait? What with all the despair and “oh no they trapped the doctor, Amy is dead, yada yada.. no we wont spend time on that.. just move on.. okay..”

          So.. expect the unexpected from Steven Moffat I suppose, thinking to much about it will only hurt your head and leave you disappointed by the end.
          (all though I still seriously hope when Sherlock appears to John in the next episode that John will first faint, then smack Sherlock down with a fist as he wakes, and then at last chase Sherlock across London in a fit of rage, until he get to tackle him, fight it out, and first then we are good.. I got a weird imagination.)

          And SWEET! I’ll be looking forward to see more from you! 🙂

          And even sweeter you stuck with Doctor who as a show, cause it’s amazing!

          • Nuclearman

            With Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tintin and Jekyll under his belt Moffat should just be aloud to adapt pretty much anything he wants to TV or film. I’d love to see him work with Hammer at some point make a modern day Frankenstein or something.

          • Sofie Liv

            Erh.. as cool as that would be, Hammer the film studio does not exist any longer..

            But yeah, Moffat should be allowed to do what-ever the hell he wants, he really figured out how to put classic figures into modern day and make it awesome. (focus on the story, not the aspect that these are old characters in a new setting.. just act like there’s nothing weird about it, ignore it, don’t even hint at it, and concentrate on the story.. obvious now you think about it.)

            I must admit, I am mighty curious about what he could possible come up with next.

          • zxvvxz

            Erm, actually, in recent years Hammer has returned. They released The Woman In Black and the English language version of Let The Right One In.

          • Sofie Liv

            Woman in Black was a hammer studios movie? Cool!

            Well, two movies is not much, so I guess it’s a very recent re-launce the studio has been dead for good long time.. so it’s not totally off.

            God, if that is true, I honestly can’t wait for them to go back and take a bite out of all of the classic tales, if for nothing else, then finally there is a studio now just made to make Guilmore Del-toros many ideas become reality.
            Now all the main stream studios just refuse to cooperate with the guy.
            Which is insane if you ask me, as he is an amazing movie director making great genuinely scary movies, never ever relying on any such thing as gore or jump scares, but like Steven Moffat goes the route of the most childish fear as was it a fairytale world, turned into reality.

            So yeah.. that information there intrigues me and makes me mighty curious.

          • Nuclearman

            I hope that they do at least one more film with Christopher Lee.

          • Concerned

            That would be fun.

          • Atannie

            It’s River Song, not Riversong.

  • Say Sofie, what do you think of the Sixth Doctor? He seems to be the most controversial of all, some hate him, some think he was a misundertood work of genius. Where do you fall?

    • Sofie Liv

      The sixth doctor were a victim of the production time around him and the time he was played.

      Colin Baker is not a bad actor, some of the ideas in his incarnation also decent.
      But ultimately the writing was terrible and the production team didn’t cared, which shows.

      Worst is the beginning of his run where writing makes him a rude jackass when it tries to give him. “An dark edge.”
      Yelling and strangling people is not having an dark edge, it’s being very mean, and there’s never any pay-off or reasoning.
      The first couple of episodes he has just swims around in sheer stupidity, and again, that comes from the writing and production, not Colin Baker himself.
      Then after the hiatus, the doctor gets to calm down, which was a wise decision and made him actually fun and likeable, Colin Baker understood how to give us that. How-ever, the episodes still rang from being decent to down right stupid, which is why the viewer figures to declined, and Baker got the blame. Which is absolutely not his.

      How-ever, he got to shine in the audio adventures where he got some actually good stories, and as he did get good stories it got very clear what a big. “Could have been.” he was, because he genuinely was a good interesting actor.

      • Dr. Zaius

        I agree. Colin Baker was actually a really good actor and he handled himself well, but those scripts…

        Even though I do really enjoy Vengence on Varos and Mark of the Rani. Varos is especially good considering how ubiquitous reality TV has become.

  • Nuclearman

    It’s amazing how much better you made the episode sound then I remember actually watching it. I love Doctor Who but I swear the producers didn’t care and just wanted to push it out so they could work on the actual good episodes of that series. They couldn’t even be bothered coming up with there own monster. Speaking of, weird how Peter Kay didn’t wanted to be the villain so he wouldn’t be playing himself but as soon he reveils that he’s an alien then all he does is play himself right down to going back to his Bolton accent.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I like to give credit where’s credit due.
      I don’t believe any-one just stopped caring while making this episode, I don’t believe any-thing is half-assed or it’s a case of just pushing some-thing out.
      I believe every-one involved genuinely thought they were making an good episode.
      It just turned out really really bad, and those last five minutes is nauseating to watch, but not in a good way.
      The episode leaves a bad taste in your mouth because of the incompatibility of what happens and the tone it tries to sell.
      It’s a problem popping up more than ones in RTD’s writing I’m afraid :/
      And I want to give Kay some credit, having to run around in all of that latex for god knows how long can’t have been pleasant.

      Doctor who is amazing 😀

      • Nuclearman

        Okay saying they didn’t care was a bit harsh but I stand by that there was less effort put into this episode the others. I don’t mind Davies as much as other people do. Midnight and Turn Left were both really good episodes and he was the only reason Ecclestone agreed to play the 9th Doctor. I can’t hate the guy after that.

        Anyway, your review was better then Love and Monsters. It was funnier, had more of the Doctor and you cut out some of the more stupid/pointless moments.

        • Sofie Liv

          No RTD no Doctor who!
          I like Doctor who, I adore Doctor who, it’s my current favourit television programme.

          How could I ever hate the man? I owe it to him to get down on my knees and thank him should we ever cross paths.

          I am just saying, from an analytical stand-point, his writing has its problems.
          He is not a bad writer and he cares a lot about what he puts out, there’s lots of passion involved in all what he does.
          The man has ideas, original and very good ideas, and he doesn’t shy away from just trying all these new things, so it’s fresh and exciting to watch.

          But he very often if not always lacks focus, and it’s like he goes from A to B in a very big zigzag line wanting to get around other things he thinks are cool.. but has nothing to do with the story we are telling.

          I also find his tendency to go “the humour route.” an unfortunate habbit, there’s often scenes in his episodes very good when they are being serious, but then it’s like he is afraid of loosing the viewer and breaks it up by using very camped humour, and the episode would just have been better for it if we stuck to the serious tone.

          Midnight, Turn left and Waters of Mars is the episodes I by far consider his best ones.
          They are all by the end of his run, which I don’t think is a coincidence, it’s because he has been learning. It’s also because his all ready done all the cool things he wished to do when starting the show, so now we can just focus on the episode and that episodes story.
          Also his forced humour is strangely absent from all of those episodes.. which really does elevate them a whole lot and show-cases the good there was always to be found in his writing and is now allowed to breath.
          Midnight actually also shortly taps into “all people need to do is just reach out and talk to each other.” and also there, it’s a very pleasant happy scene isn’t it?
          Only this time as it turns and becomes horrible together with episode, it’s selling it as horrible and now the situations are finally compatible, the Doctor is disturbed by what he saw, Donna notice how disturbed he is. The characters and episode treats it as horrible, which is is. Which is a good execution.

          And damn I can ramble.

          • Annie

            Doctor who existed before RTD, and I’m sure if he’d turned it down, someone else would’ve picked it up.

          • Sofie Liv

            I know it’s and old show, I have tom bakers autograph.

            No RTD, no new Doctor who.
            And.. no. I am not so sure some-one else would have picked it up.
            Cause.. no one really believed in RTD, the man had to fight for YEARS to have the show re-vamped, and really had to fight with claws and teethes. Every-one else believed it was a dead franchise no one rememberede.
            The one prior attempt to review the franchise, the american televison movie which were supposed to be its own TV-pilot, failed.. miserable. People hated that thing. So it would have killed the franchise, were it not for very devoted fan. Russel T Davies.

            Give the man credit. There would be no new doctor who right now were it not for him.

            Just because “Dark Shadows.” were the most popular american fantasy horror show in the 60-80’s doesn’t mean it get a re-run.
            Just because the Addams Family is cult doesn’t mean it get any good re-run.
            So no, that does not happen to every cult show in existence. We are not even sure Star Trek or muppets will have another go at a telly show. Well sure, they ended up getting new movies (which happened because of fans behind the camera.) but that is not as many hours of entertainment as a long time running show.

          • Annie

            Um. Dark Shadows and Addams Family both got re-runs, re-makes and follow ups.

          • Sofie Liv

            Not this popular ones.

            Any-how. Red Dwarf never got their movie! There!
            I highly doubt “Firefly.” is going to be picked up again.
            I kind of hope “Buffy.” is over and done with now. I don’t think “Farscape.” is ever going to come back either.

            (And Farscape is the one show that reminds me most of Doctor who.. maybe it’s the puppet aliens?)

            And that is.. fine actually. We shouldn’t walk so much around in old things that did a good job while it was their time and is now finished and done, then rather concentrate on some new things.

            And I don’t hate Grimm, I just feel it’s a bit missguided in what it says and what it actually is.

          • Annie

            Red Dwarf didn’t get their movie, but they are filming a new season right now. And Buffy continues in official comics.

  • MephLord

    Rather than keep threadjacking Suzie’s thread I thought I’d post this here. Really interesting read for those series, as I found the read on Robin Hood pretty interesting (no idea the first movie was 1922 as like you I was mostly familiar with the Disney fox movie). You covered a lot of the classics well like Robin Hood, Count of Monte Cristo, Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll. Heck to even bring it back to Dr Who, a “from then till now” could be done for this series since it’s been around for a very long time, and vastly different levels of production value. Now if you’ll excuse me, Hyacinth wants to be seen visiting a posh store with a handsome young man, so I have to drive her to meet a guy. Cheerio!

    • Sofie Liv

      I haven’t written any from now to then articles in almost two years.
      And actually, I didn’t cover all the subjects I intended to. I also intended to do it with “A christmas carol” “Sherlock Holmes.” “Doctor Who.” “The invisible man” “H.G. Wells adaptations.” “Alice in Wonderland.” “Superman.” “Batman.”

      I am a bit of a.. I don’t know if there is a word for that.. Franchise geek?
      My geek-domn works like this.. I find some-thing that catches my interest.. And then I find every single thing I can about it!
      Sherlock Holmes caught my interest, immediately I started going back reading all of the books and seeing as many interpretations of the characters as I could.
      Same thing with Jekyll and Hyde.. Robin Hood, phantom of the opera, Batman.. you get the idea.

      I enjoy watching different interpretations of the same story (which is part of the reason I am actually for re-makes, I want more versions of my favourite stories!)
      I enjoy going back and see how that story changed through time and see the different ideas in the same story.
      Frankenstein is a story that originally raised so many points and dilemmas that you HAVE to choice when-ever condensing it down to a movie. Are we making it the doctors movie or the monsters movie? will we deal with the “An act against god.” dilemma or the. “Not taking responsibility” part, or both?
      Not only do I enjoy digging around like that, I love it. I can’t stop when I found some-thing new until I found every-thing available to me.

      As I stopped writing articles and started making videos, my ideas was taking my “From then to now.” articles, and turn them into a video show called. “Legacy hunting.” where I very shortly go over a franchise just like in the articles. digging way more into where it all came from than a recent movie, as that interests me.
      Whether I am going to that or not… I honestly don’t know. Probably some-time, but right now I have so many vidoes to do any-way. And when I pick up a modern interpretation of a movie.. I do tend to give it a bit of a history within the video any-way.
      Like in Sherlock Holmes I told about it was a century old novel.. when I pick up Burtons Alice in wonderland movie I am going to talk about the original book. so all in all.. dunno. Maybe.
      I do not lack ideas for any-thing, my biggest trouble is to little time and to few resources.
      time.. I will treat these things as if I have YEARS ahead of me to just do it alongside my educations, so lets take it slow. Resources.. lets hope it will slowly be surely resolve itself.

      • MephLord

        You need to sometime find room in your schedule for an Alan Moore month, since you are pretty knowledgeable about most of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Mr Hyde, Invisible Man, Alan Quartermaine, etc), and can also cover V for Vendetta (I celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, usually by myself), Watchmen and my favorite of his material From Hell (and wow, two franchises can be covered Jack the Ripper and talk about Johnny Depp at the same time). I’m sure Jill and Suzie also love that subject material it would make for a good series if it can happen.

        I’m glad you started making videos as your videos are entertaining as much as your text reviews, but we get to see your expressions and mannerisms as well. You and Jill have such chemistry I love her deadpan humour with her straight face when you try to downplay how silly Holmes can be in all of his movie presentations. It would be funny to play the Invisible Man as someone that only talks as a voice because well it’s the Invisible Man!

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh god no.
          As stated before, I don’t lack ideas, I lack time for all the ideas I all ready got!

          Yeas, I know of the back-story of all the members in Exstrodinary gentlemen, but making a video based on that movie trying to talk about all of them, and what I know of them would take HOURS! And my videos are only supposed to be fifteen minutes, yet they clock in at twenty.
          Then it would be better just to do a dracula movie to talk about Mina Harker, and a Jekyll and Hyde movie to talk about them.
          Sigh, what I can tell is I have some-thing special in mind for this October month.. which is kind of like that.

          Suzie got her own good idea for a three-way cross-over between the three of us, I don’t know what Jill said about it, but I am un-board. and that’s all I am going to say at this stage.
          And.. I am looking very much forward to make my next cross-over with Jill, cause.. as I filmed the last one I hadn’t recieved her footage yet, I had no idea what kind of performance she would give me, so I made my own a little neutral so it would fit what-ever.
          How-ever, as I now get a sense of her “down to earth lots of rolling eyes.” performance as Watson, I can make my own Holmes performance make it fit it a bit more, by making myself more opposite.. a bit more manic and catatonic. I bet you are going to be surprised by how I intend to film the next one.

          I would love to try and play the invisible (wo)man, especially if I get to be the sort of mad trouble maker like Claude Rains in the 1941 movie, that movie is freaking great for its black humour.

          • Mike

            Uh, Claude Rains played The Invisable Man in 1933! There was a 1940 movie called The Invisiable Women (unseen by me), but Claude Rains wasn’t in it.
            Don’t ask me how I got to this comment section. I’ve already forgotten myself.

          • Sofie Liv

            Sorry, gotta admit I didn’t look that one up just.. wrote what my memory thought was right.
            I know it’s a movie directed by James Whales and was his first project after doing the highly popular “Frankenstein movie.” it was an attempt of him to avoid having to do a sequel to the Frankenstein movie.
            All though in the ended he ended up doing one any-way, and thank goodness, cause “Bride of Frankenstein.” is amazing :3

            So, yeah forgot the detail of year, sorry X)
            Still a very fun movie though, Claude Rains’s voice gives a very unusual yet highly entertaining performance.

  • Who was your personal favorite Doctor, Sofie?

    • Sofie Liv

      Firstly, picking favourites when it comes to doctor feels to me kind of.. silly.
      They are all good, and they are all different, and the show run they represents are all different, even between thirds style of “James Bond/Sherlock Holmes fighting my arch nemesis, how will he outsmart me this time? and how will I outsmart him back, now with added aliens.” against fourths early style of. “Gothic mystery fairytales.” are just.. two completely different shows.
      Nothing wrong with either genre, it just happens that the later is much more my thing, so it becomes a “Duh.” situation for me personally.

      But as for over-all.. I know it’s the most uncool thing to do to go so recent, but.. I really do like Matt Smith!
      I liked Doctor who as a show a lot before Moffat took over, but what he transformed it into was it from being a show of, “Show with stuff I like and enjoy a lot.” to. “Is this show written for me personal?” It’s the show I always wanted to exist, it’s the show having all I ever wanted in a show. Amys introduction… that was the exact plot I always wanted! that could have been me as a little girl, I had does fantasies.
      And I am just sold on Matt Smith as an actor and as the doctor he just.. He is the doctor!

      As for classic, having met Tom Baker having his autograph and that day for-ever being one of the greatest days in my life.. I am inclined to point at him. I like him a lot and I like his run how-ever..
      There’s just some-thing about Patrick Throughton the second tdoctor.. some-thing he adds in his acting, some-thing I think does elevate him as a performer and his doctor character. I can’t help but feel he is some-how the most talented actor to portray the doctor in the classic run, he is just that tiny bit better in his acting.
      So.. From new Who Matt Smith, from old Who Patrick Throughton.. I just love how he says. “Throw a rock at it.”

      • Dr. Zaius

        You’re hardly the only one who (zing!) prefers Troughton, Sofie. Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Silvester McCoy, and Matt Smith have all said that he was their favorite. I’m sure you know that Matt Smith pretty much designed his own costume and he based it on Troughton’s. That’s why Smith wears a bowtie and suspenders (or braces if you’re British).

        • Mr Shankly

          Don’t forget Ecclestone

          • Sofie Liv

            I don’t believe Ecclestone ever said any-thing about his favourite doctor, or if he had a favourite doctor at all.
            In fact, out of all of the new doctors he seems to be the least of a whovian. (nothing wrong with that, he is a great actor and was a big name which managed to bring some viewers unto the show whom wouldn’t have joined otherwise, in some ways it was up to him whether Doctor who would break it or make it, and he carried that son if a bitch into the big goal.)

            But I seem to recall David Tennant said Tom Baker and Russel T Davies said Peter Davison.
            Moffat… did he say Tom Baker? I’m not really sure.

            And for Patrick Throughton, I have yet to see Matt Smith outside of Doctor who, so I wouldn’t know. But I have to point at Throughton as the best character actor out of all of them.
            Watching him in unrelated movies he emerges with that movies and really does become another character entirely.
            When I watch Tom Baker in some-thing unrelated, such as “Chroncicles of Narnia the Silver Chair” or his version of “Sherlock Holmes hound of Baskerville.”
            .. I see Tom Baker, he doesn’t really change at all.
            When I saw David Tennant in that movie re-make.. it was just David Tennant again. I mean.. they act, but they really change persona, and Throughton does, he was a very skilled character actor.

          • Mr Shankly

            Ecclestone has admitted that he was never a fan of Doctor Who and only agreed to play the Doctor because he liked Russell T Davies as a writer and for only one season (for some reason he never stays in a role very long).

            Have you ever seen the episode of Blackadder with Tom Baker in it? He’s a bit different in that. 

          • Sofie Liv

             I honestly also thinks it’s fine for an actor to enter a new franchise without being a fan of it.
            I mean god, then we would never have any super-hero characters in movies actually looking the part :3

            If Eccleston decides what he wants to be in based solely on script and pre-knowledge of people involved. GOOD FOR HIM! that’s the only good way to do it.

            I love Blackadder so yeas, and yeah he is slightly different, of cause he is, he is acting, his part in narnia is also slightly different, there he plays an pessimistic swamp thingy insisting every-thing the world could possible give him is bad, but tags along any-way. And he is really good in that part to.
            It’s just not entirely up to par with Throughton playing a dirt covered rat catcher in Dracula. (for real.)
            I mean dude, that beforehand loveable doctor just looks nasty!

            But, it also all goes back to that Throughton is a character actor, and no, that is not a general acting thing.
            You can be a Shakespearian actor or character actor or a method actor or some-thing entirely different (often it’s a bit mashed together, actor should be able to do more than one thing, but the methods used are different.)
            And throughton was just a VERY skilled character actor.

  • Jo Mathie

    Ugh I hate this episode. Such a shame because it had a really good guest cast. I’m still really confused as to how “ask a kid to design a monster” turned into “disimbodied head on a paving slab forced to give blowjobs for the rest of her utterly miserable “life””.

    • Sofie Liv

       That’s assuming she can die..
      I am actually genuinely wondering if the only way for her to die now is to smash that brick, and will she even die then? Will she just become a smashed piece of brick? Does she age?
      I know it’s a bunch of stupid questions and me over-thinking matters. But I am really left to wonder! Cause… that is so horrible.

      Yeah, this is an episode of big. “Could have been.” gone wrong. It’s a shame, they tried, and that time they just failed horrible. Fortunately they were back strong the week after.

      • Jo Mathie

        Aaand now I’m just wondering if she gets passed down among other people, unable to escape or enjoy anything – what if someone puts her in the attic for 10 years!
        Yeah, way overthinking that.
        Still adore Dr Who (and loved the review btw), but it seemed such a weird thing for the Doctor to do.  Even the Face Of Boe got off better than that.

        • Sofie Liv

          Also seems so weirdly out of character that he just stands there and looks at the monster.
          That he isn’t the tiniest bit pissed the Abzorbaloff just ate four human beings!
          He’s just. “Meh, I decided not to care today, solve it yourself guys.”

          And yeah, some-times just let them die.

          I know this is only me, and I am over-thinking again, plus I actually totally get his actions there, and it’s an amazing episode, but.. Silence of the Library. did he just doom the crew to eternal life in a computer where no-thing ever changes?
          Is it that big a coincidence that River says. “I’m afraid a faith far worse than death is awaiting me.” in Day of the moon?

          I know the episode sold it as a cheerful ending, and at first it did feel like that. But then as I stopped and thought about it. There was a reason Donna needed to get out of there, it’s not living.
          And a person like Riversong whom strives on being free and independent? dude, that’s.. really very sad. 

          Then again, Doctor who is a very sad show.. it’s so rare any-body gets happy endings :/

  • Apparently theres a theory among some fans that says Elton was driven insane by the events of the story, and that ending scene is all in his head. So those of us who hate the ending can just tell ourselves its not real, and hes just been driven mad, and thinks a paving stone is the head of his dead girlfriend….wow, even that seems pretty disturbing, lol.  

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah…. that really isn’t compatible with the comedic tone the movie tries to sell either.

      I know for a fact Russel T Davies stated that. Because the entire story we see is actually only Eltons recollection of it, meaning what he chooses to tell to the web-cam, all details may not be entirely accurate…

      which is the DUMBEST cheapskate I ever heard of! “Oh it was only his memories, so it’s okay if it doesn’t make perfect sense.” What? NO! bad story telling, baaad story telling.
      Unless the whole freaking high concept is. “What is reality and what is fantasy?” like Big Fish, but this is not Big Fish, this is Doctor who! Where unless the plot downright says so, we have to assumes what happens happens, lord knows the show is confusion enough as it is! “Time can be re-written.” and all of that crap.. I re-booted started the universe so all that which happened before actually happened in another universe and this is the back-up file so you are all perfect copies but really not cause you can remember stuff.. your spirits are still alive I guess.. urh.. sure. (and yet it works.. how the hell Moffat, did you make that?)

      Beside, he showed the head in the paving stone to the web-cam, shuffs it up in there for ALL the youtubers to see, (thanks Elton, just show my misery and shame to all on the net why wont you,) thus he can’t have imagined that, thus at least that happened.

      • rainflyx

        Great, now I’m imagining Ursula’s situation as a gender-reversed analog to Misery, the Stephen King book. Gotta play along with the happy fantasy, don’t get out of line, because your “boyfriend” is fully off his rocker and potentially very dangerous. She is fully dependent on him with no way to escape. I seriously want to rewatch that one short shot we do get of her, to watch her blinking for morse code.

  • I wonder if they will ever create Doctor Who Legos. I had a dream about that last night, about Matt Smith in Lego form, and then patrick troughton in Lego form. I hope one day it comes true, lol 🙂

  • Bryan

    Good review. You completely nailed it as to why this episode fails. It starts off as a fairly light hearted  tale, but then takes a turn for the worse once the villain is introduced.  It’s tone is completely inconsistent as what is being show on onscreen, if often reminds me of the later Nightmare on Elm Street films in which Freddy cracks bad jokes, while teenagers are being killed in a gruesome manner. The horror is completely diffused by Freddy’s “wacky” hijinks.  The ending to this episode is genuinely horrific, but the writers play it off as comedy.  

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, with Nightmare on Elmstreet I do think it was played that way on purpose, as a Dark comedy, so dark and grotesque that it becomes funny on purpose, sort of like “killer clowns from outer space.”

      How-ever this… I am not really sure what it wants. “Light hearted joy with a twist” or… what?

      Eltons last comment about the world both being good and bad, but mostly very very mad. yeah, that is true, but… this episode is still so off putting, mostly because it doesn’t pay prober respect to characters deaths of characters I came to like.
      If you want funny deaths, you ground it all in a cartoonish world and set up yerks. That was why it was so delightful seeing the granny get it in Gremlins, she was a cartoonish yerks so it’s okay. But these characters were so skill-fully set up as real people that their end seemed like an insult.

      sigh, The episode tried, it just failed so horrible :/

  • if there was a big fight between all the doctors, who would win? My money would be on Jon Pertwee.  

    • Sofie Liv

       Well.. mine to. Just for the fact that he is the only out of the doctors whom continously showcases god damn Karate skills.. I mean what other doctor would suddenly go. “Hooah! Karate Chop!” and.. Pertwee actually looks god damn cool while doing it.

  • Sergeta

    Excellent review! You cover all the problems that I had on this episode, Sofie. I also like the characters and was appalled by not just the fact that they died, but how thoughtlessly their deaths were handle. I also despised the Doctor’s aloofness and Rose’s jackass attitudes towards the situation, that I was semi-glad to see the two got separated in Doomsday. I like Elton as well, but I always found his last line a bit disturbing “the real world is much stranger than that; it is so much darker, madder, and so much better.” Three good people died out of this BS and he’s marveling how great life is!?

    Anyway, great review!

    • Sofie Liv

       I didn’t include his last sentence.. because.. basically I agree with it.

      Life, if you ask me. Is sooo mad, it can be so very strange, some-times it’s so very dark and thankfully it has its happy moments. And we must not forget that.

      Living in our world, is to life in a freak circus.. and that is living, that is life. It’s amazing and it’s terrible, all on the same time. But it is what it is, lets assume we only life this ones, that our life is the greatest gift we ever had, and get the best out of it.. and lets assume that Elton was driven mad and that is why he is not crying his eyes out clinging to that pavement stone Ursa is stuck in….

      and no I am not out to get you into a church group, I am not even a Chrisitan….

  • Historylover820

    I HATE “Love and Monsters.” I completely agree with everything you said about it. On Facebook, I posted a question to a group that I’m a part of which is their favorite Doctor Who episode, and I was horrified that one person said this episode. I love “Blink.” I absolutely love “Turn Left.” And I like the more comedic episodes as well. This was just horrible.


    • Sofie Liv

       One of the great things about Doctor who is that it’s freaking fun! it’s a fun show!
      This episode.. sadly is not 🙁

      Yeah, I love does two episodes as well.. I love a lot of episodes out of the show.. Every single Steven moffat episode.. Turn left.. human nature.. midnight. Fortunately when it comes to Doctor who, yes, some episodes are miss steps (but still passion-filled and memorable, like Indiana Jones 2, which makes them more enjoyable for me than a stooped cash in hollywood production, any day.) but by far, most of the episodes are good! and some of them, are exceptional stand-out stories with extrordinary creativity, lots of passion and great fun involved, and that is why doctor who is awesome 🙂

  • Hankroyd

    First time I disagree …
    For me it was great, as much as ‘Blink’ or ‘Turn Left’.
    The main protagonists (Elton, Ursula, Mr Skinner) are great.
    I’m not strong with british actor (In fact you just pointed me that Ursula and Moaning Myrtle are played by the same actress), but I really like how Viktor Kennedy is playd too.
    OK, the Abzorbaloff sucks great time (in more way than one), but I have nothing to say about the rest.

    I like the humor, and yeah I didn’t overthink as much as your about the ‘Fate worse than death’. The episode was lighthearted and I’m ashamed to say that the ‘Oh she’s stuck in his butt’ makes me smile. Like the doctor, I cannot take the abzorbalthing seriously, he’s played a little to much like ‘Fat Bastard’ from Austin Powers.

    What is great are the details : We see normal people reaction to the Doctor’s adventure, and we got multiple call back and forward : Bad Wolf is hinted. Mr Saxon makes his first appearance. The fact that companion doesn’t travel forever too.

    The scenario is crazy (in a good way) and I’m fine with it … even if i’m aware that I’m one of the few.

    I prfer largely see ‘L&M’ ten times that watch one time the horrible next episode set in ‘London-2012’ : For me this one is the real first fail of the renewed show. It’s boring, unfun, full of plot holes, and David Tennant wan’t even allowed to carry the flame during the real opening ceremony …

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, as I stated in the review, the episode is not devoid of good things, there are good things and good ideas in it.

      But ultimately I personally felt so repulsed by the end that I could not enjoy the episode. At first I didn’t know why I felt that repulsed, first after analyzing here a few years later can I explain it.. and I still feel repulses, which is not the feeling I am looking for when watching Doctor who.

      I have to admit I felt a bit the same way for this season opener. I mean I came and sat down to watch doctor who with a feeling insided of. “WEE! Doctor who! I can’t wait to see what wacky fun space-adventure we are going to get now!” WAM, Amy and Rory is getting what looks like a very uncomfortable divorce… wtf…

      I will go into that episode in more detail later, because.. I find it to be a troubled episode to be honest, there are good things in it, even great ideas and genuinely scary moments.. But also a lot of troubles, for one thing I found the Daleks acted more like Cybermen than daleks.. side-tracking.. sorry. but you know..

      If you like the episode, good on you, and it didn’t destroy the show for me, the show returned the next week making be happy again.

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice review I am a big fan of the new Doctor Who series but don’t like the old one for some reason I have only seen two stories of it so I am stil going to give it a chance to grow on meI would love to see you do some more Doctor Who reviews soon specealy because Doctor Who season 7 is going to have its premier today I think that a list of your top 10 Doctor Who stories or a top 10 companion’s would be a pretty good idea and if you are curious to know my favorite doctor is the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston why the reason are his scary dark but still funny personality and I also love his look he can actually wanish into a crowd unlike some of the other Doctors yes I am looking at you number six and yes I know Collin Baker did not want that stupid rainbow costume witch can be seen from outer space and if you are looking for another Doctor Who episode to review then you might want to do a review of The Long game from season 1 this is not the worst episod ever but it is still the worst episode staring the 9th Doctor but bear in mind Christopher Eccleston was only in 13 episode’s but this episode is still good example of the starnge writing of Russell T Davis and what the doctor did in the end of the episode was really meanspirited and it really hurt my possitive view of the 9th Doctor and I really hope that we get a Doctor Who episode witch showes consequences of waht the doctor did because it would be a really good story idea

    • Sofie Liv

       Well, the old Doctor who show is an show from another era where teleivision worked differently, where what the consumer was used to was radically different and I absolutely get it’s not every-one whom can get into old doctor who.

      Well, I might make such a list one time or another, it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just because I am simply stocked on so much other stuff.. but you know.. next year is the fifty Doctor who anniversary, it would be weird if I didn’t make some-thing out of it 😉

      Well, long story short, my favourite Doctor is Matt Smith, cause I honestly think he is the one whom best embodies what the doctor is supposed to be.. an old alien, as in alien, a person from a different country, he doesn’t blend in, he sticks out as a sore thumb and is not human.. in my opinion, and the doctor is old in his soul, which I think Matt Smith captures.
      My second favourite is Patrick Throughton, because even though his episodes are old, he is just a joy to watch on screen really bringing so much personality to the screen and adding great humour merely with his acting. And third favourite is Tom Baker, cause he is awesome, and he gave me a jelly baby and told me I was beautiful.

      If I am going to review another episode of Doctor who, it’s going to be good episode, because I want to show people what an awesome series Doctor who is 😉