Doctor Who (1996) (part 4 of 4)

The Doctor apparently senses that the Eye of Harmony has been opened, and that it’s going to destroy the entire world [?]. He tries to convince Grace of this, but she’s not buying it and runs off in a panic. Why she doesn’t believe any of this is quite beyond me, but she even goes as far as to call for an ambulance to take the Doctor to a bed in the local loony bin. She then sees him walk through the glass of her door, and asks for two beds. Ho-ho. Komedy!

The Master and Chang hear the call for the ambulance, and figure they should go pick up Grace and the Doctor. When they arrive, the Doctor announces that he has to get to a place where there’s an atomic clock, which apparently has some MacGuffin he needs to power his TARDIS. Everyone piles into the ambulance… which promptly gets stuck in a traffic jam. Caused by a truck. That’s spilled live chickens onto the road. Because, you know, on New Year’s Eve 1999, people were transporting live poultry in large numbers into San Francisco.

The Master, after getting in a couple clever lines showing what the character could’ve been had they tried, loses his sunglasses, revealing his evil green eyes. The Doctor reacts and tries to get out, while the Master spooges onto Grace, leading to our next Caption Contest!

Doctor Who (1996) (part 4 of 4)

A: “This is why I gargle with soda after doing that.”

B: “There’s something wrong with this new toothpaste…”

C: “Dammit, Chang! For the second time, warn me before you do that!

D: Submit your own caption! Same prizes as before!

The Doctor and Grace run away and eventually come across a motorcycle cop. The Doctor distracts the cop, grabs his gun, and holds it against himself, threatening to shoot unless the cop gives them his keys. This is actually a nice touch, and perfectly in keeping with the way the Doctor behaves. They get the keys and go riding off, with the ambulance giving chase.

Caption contributed by The Wily Badger

Didn’t they do basically this same thing in Blazing Saddles?

They manage to elude pursuit and end up at the place where the atomic clock is located. There’s some Komedy! Exposition, and I vaguely zone out and then pay attention again when the Doctor steals the clock part he needs, and hits the fire alarm as he escapes with Grace. The alarm causes everyone at the reception for the clock dedication to run out panicking and screaming.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in buildings during unexpected fire drills. What generally happens in these situations is everyone gives each other vague looks, and then they ignore the rules about not grabbing any personal items as they grab their personal items and slowly shuffle out. People usually don’t panic, scream, or otherwise act like morons. Only in movies does this happen. Sure, perhaps if there were actual flames and smoke visible, what happens here might be realistic, but there’s not, so it isn’t.

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Multi-Part Article: Doctor Who (1996)
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