Doctor Who (1996) (part 3 of 4)

The newly-regenerated (and super-strong) Doctor staggers out of the morgue and into… a weird area of the hospital. It looks like a place that’s been damaged by a storm or something, and we see what looks like repair equipment. Which would make more sense if there weren’t shards of mirrors and a bouquet of flowers on the floor. You’d think if they were going to repair the place, they’d clean up a bit first.

Either way, the Doctor staggers around some more, finds some mirror shards, looks into them, and screams unto the heavens, “Who… am… I?!” Ah, post-regenerative amnesia. Nothing like an old plot cliché.

Meanwhile, across town, the Master is sitting up in his new body and… oh, lord… there’s no way I can describe what this looks like. Just take a look at the screencap below.

Doctor Who (1996) (part 3 of 4)

It’s time for a Caption Contest, and you can play along at home! What’s the best caption for this screencap?

A: Sadly, the Master’s forays into gay porn ended messily.

B: “You think pink eye is bad? Try green eye!”

C: “I told you to warn me before you did that!”

D: Make your own caption! Win cash and prizes! (Okay, not really.)

You know, I might be making a lot of gay jokes in this recap. But let me make it perfectly clear: I’m bi with a preference towards other guys, so I have no problems with gay sex or gay people. But, damn, when you recap an episode like this… I mean, it’s just so hard to restrain myself when they’re practically begging, begging for gay jokes!

Oh, well. Moving on.

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Multi-Part Article: Doctor Who (1996)

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