Doctor Who (1996) (part 2 of 4)

Chang Lee comes up to the injured Doctor and tries to comfort him, while the Doctor tries to warn him about what appears to be Master-ooze coming out of the TARDIS’ keyhole. The Doctor passes out just as Chang says he’ll get help.

Sirens are heard, and it turns out to be the police. They summon an ambulance, which shows up along with a fire crew. The paramedics start to work on the Doctor and check the injured/dead gang members, while the police talk to Chang. Once they find out he has a gun, they take him into custody and haul him downtown for questioning.

Actually, no, my mistake. None of this actually happens. What really happens is the sirens are one single ambulance, which Chang gets into along with the Doctor. They drive off, and we see the paramedic inside is played by the one and only Eric Roberts.

Ah, Eric Roberts. Famous to the world for such amazing roles as… uhm… well, I think he played one of the suitors in a TV version of The Odyssey, right? And probably some other things. Oh, yeah, he was in The Dark Knight. Beyond that? I don’t know. I can’t think of anything, and I’m too lazy to look it up. Besides, it’s more fun to just think of him as someone with no talent who turns in a crappy performance in a B-grade, made-for-TV sci-fi movie. It’s not fair, but it’s fun!

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Multi-Part Article: Doctor Who (1996)

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