DJ Jazzy Jeff Is 49 Years Old Today And You Can Just Hear Your Own Youth Slipping Away

DJ Jazzy Jeff Is 49 Years Old Today And You Can Just Hear Your Own Youth Slipping Away

DJ Jazzy Jeff, who will forever be inextricably linked to Will Smith, turns 49 today. Does that make you feel old? You should feel old, since the bulk of the time you saw Jazzy Jeff was probably on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” where he was Will’s slightly older, slightly shadier friend in his early 20s.

Along with Smith, he was in one of those rap acts that was completely inoffensive yet completely memorable.

Side note: has Will Smith aged? His cheeks are slightly chubbier there, but otherwise he looks creepily the same now, close to 25 years out.

Anyway, somewhere along the line, DJ Jazzy Jeff became a really legit really fantastic record producer and world class DJ.

In case you’re not into shaky-cam videos of people djing, DJ Jazzy Jeff also has a ton of full mixes to download over at his website.

If you’re generally meh on DJ mixes, what on earth is wrong with you? Do you hate fun? Alright, if you’re lukewarm on most hip hop things, instead check out Jazzy Jeff’s Michael Jackson tribute, “He’s the King, I’m the DJ.” It’s a great trip back through MJ’s catalog.

And if all you really want to do is relive your glory days of watching Fresh Prince when it aired five times a week at 6:30pm all through the mid to late 1990s, you can watch Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s kid AND Carlton (!!) being super good sports and doing the full Fresh Prince theme, complete with dancing, last year for BBC One.

Happy Birthday, DJ Jazzy Jeff. May you remain as entirely weirdly youthful as Will Smith.

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  • Farb

    That’s nothing! Willard Stebbelhauser is 51 years of age tomorrow. Stebs was a real hoot before he got stuck in that chair. Now he just drools, but I remember him when!

  • tomsveb

    Trying to decide if Uncle Phil being dead or DJ Jazzy Jeff being 49 makes me feel older.