VIDEO: Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009)

This might as well be the 34583rd film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, now brought to us from the schmucks at Image Movers! Bah, Humbug!

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  • TheRedWorm

    I’m still partial to Scrooged.

  • Jacob

    The Muppets Christmas Carol is my favorite

  • Gallen_Dugall

    ah, essential nutrients and comfort food for my influenza riddled mind all in one go
    now I for to go to bed

  • Is there any reason why this film couldn’t have been made live-action on half the budget? I fail to see the point of this motion-capture thing.

  • Christopher Trevino

    I think the one with Alastair Sim is the definitive version…followed by The Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I would add Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, but that’s a parody. This movie felt too silly and pointless. The “mo-cap” thing is overdone.

  • Dennis Fischer

    Though Richard Williams’ Oscar-winning version of “A Christmas Carol” is my favorite animated version, it “borrows” its vocal tracks from the best film version, namely SCROOGE with Alastair Sims.

  • Frank Powers

    In my personal opinion, the sole intent of this movie was this was an attempt to push the 3d format. No plot? No Character development? No problem. It was nothing more than a vehicle to do that. Just look at the year this was released, that should tell you a lot there. And the fact it came out I believe some seven weeks before Avatar should be a red flag. In the Hollywood community, everyone has lunch with everyone else. They all knew about the buzz behind the Cameron flick. And Zemeckis’ attempts with his failed studio illustrate an effort to cash in. By the way Joey, when are you going to review “Mars Needs Moms”?

  • danbreunig

    The motion capture just isn’t doing it for me, with the whole feel of “too animated to look realistic and too realistic to look fictionally animated” (a hot topic a few Cartoonpaloozas ago). After watching the *real* Disney version (my first exposure to A Christmas Carol before age ten) so long ago, I thought I wouldn’t see anything more terrifying than the physical image of Scrooge McDuck threatened with actually burning in hell, and not for laughs like you’d expect in family-fare Christmas cartoons. And now I see these creepy creepshow thrillride faces and those make me want to hide under the blanket–I feel for you, man. Plus, this Scrooge visually fits Angus Scrimm better than Jim Carrey–just look at the face. And I’ll have to go with Scrooged for my pick.